Schedule your trip planning appointment

Quick Orientation to Appointments

  1. How does the appointment work? 
    Schedule a twenty minute appointment using the calendar above. We will analyze your request and send you details for an online session using Google Meet/Hangouts.
  2. What can we talk about during an appointment? 
    These twenty-minute sessions are exclusively for future trip planning. It is not a channel for making change requests, cancellations, billing inquiries, or any matter relating to current reservations or tickets.
  3. Can I get additional time after my free twenty-minute appointment for trip planning?
    Yes, when your 20-minute session is over, you can sign up for any of our support plans.
  4. Are there other channels for other types of questions?
    Yes, the Bus Chat Cafe has answers to many common questions. We have a Change Request Helper app for making change requests or billing inquiries. And if you have purchased a ticket, you are already assigned a PIN for a personal travel assistant you can communicate with as far as 30 days following your purchase.