If you are interested in a single use of an individual service instead of having it as part of a BusClub plan, click on any item listed here for more descriptions
and their non-plan pricing.


Meet by phone with one of our travel experts for working through itinerary plans and obstacles.


Direct us to prepare a written and private research report on a travel topic you want more detailed insight about.


Conduct ongoing written communication with us as you travel, without quota limits.


Get a bus stop location without purchasing a ticket, along with a confirmation of hours and departure times.

Travel Call Support. Sign up for a Google Meet meeting (in English or Spanish) with one of our senior travel experts, and they will help navigate you through the variety of options to make your travel plan succeed.  While they are not lawyers, travel experts also have some basic understanding of various immigration issues and policies in various countries that they can make you aware of.  Every call includes one written follow-up for the purposes of supplying additional research the expert conducts after the call.

The process of setting up a call is
1) Prepay for the type of call you desire from the price table below.
2) Wait for an email with a When2Meet link where you can search for a mutually agreeable time to meet. 
3) Receive a new email with the Zoom link for the call.

Note:  Travel Call Support calls are only for travel planning, and do not extend to resolving any billing or technology issues, and will not be able to disclose any business information we deem to be confidential or proprietary.

We offer three levels or durations of a call:

Short Call

20-minute appointment for a small scope of a couple questions or plans for which you want our travel advice. Your travel expert will also send you one short written summary of the call with any follow-up research.
$40 per call


Normal Call

30-minute appointment in which you can have a modest amount of time to talk through you travel questions and get some suggested plans on the spot or in a short written research report after the call.
$49 per call


Full Call

60-minute appointment for more complicated or involved travel plans that include several potential obstacles. Your expert will include a minimum two-page report of further research within 48 hours after the call.
$95 per call


Research Report. If you have your travel questions clearly outlined in writing and just don't have the time to do the research on your own, our experts will be glad to help do the research for you.  The report will include both do-it-yourself options if possible, as well as quotes for our services to make your itinerary possible. 

A Research Report can also be requested for non-itinerary matters like immigration questions, travel security or geopolitical status, travel vaccination or disease advisories for a certain region, etc.

Research Reports are $49 and range between 1,000 and maximum 3,000 words depending on your query, and are delivered in two to four days following receipt of your order.


Unlimited Email Support. Purchases and most inquiries offer a limited amount of email support.  This Unlimited Email Support service removes all quotas and policy-based caps and gives you an ID to freely gain access to our expert team by email for a full 365 days.

Can only be used to extend sales inquiries and purchase support, and not be used for Research Reports or Location Lookups. $29.


Location Lookup. By default, a bus departure point or bus stop is only confirmed with a purchased ticket, as bus companies frequently adjust their routes, terminals, gates, and stops due to construction, traffic obstructions, and other business decisions.  If you would like us to research a location lookup without your purchasing a ticket, click the button below to have one of our experts contact the bus company administration and investigate your related pickup location and how stable it is for what duration of time. $8 per location.


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