Document Uploader

Change of Passenger Information

Changing personal information, such as the passport of the reservation holder.

Change of Date or Itinerary

Changing the date, origin or destination of your original reservation.


Processing a refund based on the Transportation Company policies

Note: This page has been replaced by a newer and more automated system, the Change Request Helper.

However, you can alternatively use this Document Uploader page if the Change Request Helper is not able to find your information or you have something like a custom order.

Change Request Helper

In order to have your request acknowledged, gather ALL the documents below to prepare them for upload. You will need to create PDF files for items 1 and 4 before uploading. There are many online PDF converters that all work the same, but if you need one we suggest SmallPDF. Items 2 and 3 are already in PDF or PNG/JPG format, so you just need to upload those directly.

  • PDF of your Receipt mail. This was the first email sent to you when you checked out with the subject line: "[Your name], Your AndesTransit Store. Order is Received".
  • The policy PDF file that was attached to the same Receipt Mail.
  • PDF or PNG file of your actual reservation/ticket.
  • PDF of the Ticket Mail. This is the email to which your ticket was attached. The subject line is: "[Origin City Name] -- [Destination City Name] Bus/Shuttle [Your Order Number]".

Once you have gathered or generated all the documents listed above (4 in Total) click the Place a Request button below to start uploading the documents.

Usage Disclaimer
AndesTransit LLC & AndesTransit Digital Platform are subject to the policies of the individual and separate transportation company policies that physically provide the transportation service. During the checkout process, buyers purchasing a ticket or reservation are presented those transportation company policies accordingly. After your Change Request is initiated, the information you supply will be reviewed by our system to determine a response based on the official information in the documents you uploaded for validation against the official records. AndesTransit LLC, AndesTransit Digital Platform, and the transportation company providing your service are not responsible for situations outside of our control that could prevent the user from making use of the reservation.

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