Everything You Need To Know About the Bus from Bogota to Armenia


on: 2021-10-15

by: Lisa Gembrini

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Bus it from from Bogota to Armenia

The wax palms of Valle de Cocora, Colombia near Armenia

As bus experts, we can assure you: the diversity of the journey on the bus from Bogotá to Armenia is an experience you will find both amazing and easy. You’ll be gazing upon mountains and valleys, as well as South America’s mighty Río Magdalena, once Colombia’s only "highway."

From Bogotá, you’ll scale the middle range of the Andes, and then descend into the broad Magdalena River valley. In Colombia, the Andes mountains split into three ranges that each weave their way down the entire length of the country. On the route between Bogota and Armenia, you’ll suddenly find yourself surrounded by the eastern range of these mountains, slipping from valley to valley until you, at last, arrive at Armenia and its warmer climate.

Not only will you be journeying geographically through spectacular landscapes, but culture too. Bogotá is Colombia’s bustling and sprawling capital with tons of museums, nightlife, and nooks and crannies to explore. Armenia, on the other hand, is a small city in the heart of Colombia’s Eje Cafetero (Coffee Zone), surrounded by beautiful vistas.

Are you ready to go? Here’s all you need to know!

What are the buses in Colombia like?

Overall, buses in Colombia are excellent. Most will have air conditioning, but it can get cranked up quite high - even at night - so be sure to take along a jacket! The buses also have bathrooms and reclining seats. On average, Colombians are taller than people in neighboring countries, so you’ll find there’s more room between seats. Yes, that means you won’t have to sit twisted like a pretzel for hours on end! Stops are regularly scheduled so you can get out and stretch a bit and have a meal.

Of course, spending a few pesos more will give you extra comfort and amenities like GPS, onboard entertainment, individual TV screens, outlets to recharge your devices during the trip, WiFi, and perhaps even a snack! Longer routes may offer double-decker buses, with the lower floor offering luxury services and the upper level offering a relaxing ride with a fantastic view of the countryside rolling by.

How long is the bus ride?

The ride on the bus from Armenia to Bogotá covers about 282 kilometers and averages eight hours. This is perfect for making the trip during the day, enjoying the countryside as it rolls from mountains to valleys filled with coffee groves. The route is also great for traveling at night, allowing you to sleep and thus save on a hotel or hostel room, and then arriving refreshed to take on the many adventures that await you.

Some factors may, of course, challenge the length of this bus ride. One is the traffic leaving or entering Bogotá. Another may be weather conditions or bus mishaps, which is why choosing to travel on a slightly more expensive bus is well worth the money.

What is the cost of traveling by bus from Bogota to Armenia?

The fare for a bus ticket between Bogotá and Armenia ranges between approximately 82,000 and 128,000 COP (Colombian pesos – or in US dollars, $25 to $39 US). There are, though, several things that could affect the cost.

The first is when you decide to go. The cost of a bus trip typically goes up at holiday times. This is not something to take lightly, because Colombians have many holidays, and love to travel on them! Not only the big ones like Christmas, New Year, Carnaval, and Semana Santa (Easter Week) but also the numerous puentes, which are the three-day weekends that are scattered across the national calendar.

This leads us to the second reason that affects the cost: when you reserve. Especially at holiday times, it’s important to book your ticket in advance to ensure there’s a seat for you! Using AndesTransit’s online booking system will help you get on board with no worries! The final cost factor is the bus carrier on which you choose to travel. A more bare-bones bus with basic services will, of course, cost less. But on those longer trips, isn’t it worth it to spend a bit more to travel more comfortably?

What are the bus schedules from Bogota to Armenia?

Buses depart throughout the day, so you can pretty much choose a time to leave (or a time to arrive) that works with your personal schedule. You may opt to lay back and watch the changing landscape or get a nice night’s sleep so you arrive with the sunrise, ready to begin your explorations of Armenia. Be aware, though, that schedules may change depending on whether it’s the low season or the high season.

Unfortunately, many information sources, even those of the bus companies themselves, may not be up-to-date. That’s why it’s important to rely on AndesTransit for accurate information, as we have contacts with bus companies to separate fact from fiction on a daily basis and are constantly updating our platform for you.

Where can I book bus tickets from Bogota to Armenia?

Getting a bus ticket for travel from Bogota to Armenia offers you the choice of a storm or a gentle breeze. What does that mean?

Well, if you want to brave the storm, you can go down to the bus terminal yourself, all your luggage in tow, and go from ticket window to ticket window comparing schedules and prices. If it’s one of those holidays when Colombians (and especially Bogotanos who are eager to get out of the city) are itching to travel, you may find there’s no seat on the bus by the time you get the front of one of several lines you’ll wait in.

That is a major advantage of the gentle breeze, which is reserving your tickets online: You can find out immediately whether a bus is sold out or not, and get an agent to work on your behalf regardless. That sure beats finding out when you’re already at the station, loaded down with all your belongings! By using AndesTransit’s online reservation system, you can securely make your purchase while having a cup of delicious Colombian coffee. Just click on the Reserve Now button above to begin your Bogotá-Armenia journey!

What is the best bus from Bogota to Armenia?

Several companies make the run between Bogota and Armenia, from the most basic of services to top-of-the-line.

The best of the lot is Expreso Bolivariano, well-known for its excellent and safe service. All three of its coach types running between Bogotá and Armenia have GPS tracking and two drivers on board to ensure you have a safe and uneventful trip.

On the Bogotá-Armenia route, Expreso Bolivariano offers its premier "duo BUS". This double-decker bus has 12 luscious, over-stuffed armchairs on the lower floor and 44 reclining (and just as comfortable) seats with incredible views on the upper floor. Each floor has its own bathroom. These buses also have air conditioning, personal touch-screen TVs, headphones, outlets, WiFi, and movies, and other onboard entertainment. The service is also direct.

Its other coaches, the 2G and 2G Gold, are single-level buses with reclining seats, air conditioning, bathroom, WiFi and outlets. The 2G and 2G Gold make only authorized stops between the two cities.

What to see in Armenia

Quimbaya Gold Museum, Colombia

Armenia may be the capital of Quindío "department" (i.e., a province), but it still has a small-town feel to it. It is one of three major cities in the Eje Cafetero (Coffee Zone), along with Manizales and Pereira. You’ll be able to get out to visit coffee fincas (small farms), but also to visit some fine museums, enjoy walks in breathtaking nature and get your adrenaline pumping with more than a cup of java!

Due to its lower altitude of 1551 meters, Armenia’s climate is a bit more Mediterranean than that of Bogotá. Daytime highs range a comfortable 27-29ºC, and the nights are a cooler 16ºC. Rainfall is heavier than in the capital, though the wettest months are April, October, and November.

Although Armenia is famous for its coffee, there are a few other dishes you should try while in this city, namely Sudado Montañero (beef stewed with potatoes and yucca) and mazamorra (hominy corn cooked with milk and brown sugar).

#1 - Museo del Oro Quimbaya

Museo del Oro Quimbaya (Carrera 16 # 21 – 14, Edificio del Banco de la República) is not just considered one of Colombia’s best gold museums, but in fact, one of the best in the entire world! The collections display over 10,000 years of western Colombia’s archaeological history as well as a treasure trove of gold. Free guided tours in English are offered.

#2 -Parque del Café

Parque del Café is a 58-hectare park dedicated to gastronomy, artisan crafts, and other facets dedicated to coffee. But it is much more than just about the black nectar that gives us such a morning rush. It is also a sprawling theme park, complete with rides and other activities to entertain all of the senses. There are also trails to hike and enjoy nature. Parque del Café is located at Km 6 of the Montenegro-Pueblo Tapao highway (16 kilometers west of Armenia).

#3 - Valle de Cocora

Some 36 kilometers northeast of Armenia is the home of the palma de cera (wax palm), Colombia’s national tree. These palms tower over the Valle de Cocora Natural Reservelike poised dancers ready to perform. You can enjoy the green countryside and mountains on foot, jeep or on horseback. Be aware that rains are heaviest April-May and October-November, and that temperatures are cool (5°-16°C). Some tours from Armenia also make a stop in the quaint colonial village of Salento.


Bogotá and Armenia offer you two prisms into the multi-faceted diamond that is Colombia. They are both geographical and cultural wonders. If you’re ready for museums, culture, adventures, great food, and the world’s best coffee, then use the Reserve Now button above to make your bus reservation right away. After experiencing Bogotá and Armenia, you may find that the old Colombian saying is true: The only danger is you’ll discover you don’t want to leave!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How safe is the bus from Bogota to Armenia?
As this is the oldest and most heavily trafficked route in Colombia, all the major and most reputable bus companies service it, which makes it super safe.
Is it better to take the day or night bus from Bogota to Armenia?
Buses leave at all hours of the day and night. Many prefer to take the night buses so they can save on lodging costs, but the day buses are less crowded and allow travelers to see more landscape along the way.
How far in advance should I reserve a bus ticket from Bogota to Armenia?
One week in advance is usually fine, unless your trip falls on a weekend or holiday period and in that case get your tickets two to three weeks in advance.
What are the ticket policies?
It depends on the carrier you choose, but their specific policies can be previewed during checkout or in the summaries printed on your ticket email. For a general overview, see the Ticket Policy page.

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