Taking the Bus from Medellín to Cali


on: 2021-12-21

by: Joaquin Russo

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Medellin to Cali Bus Journey Guide

Mural in Cali, Colombia

You want to go to Cali, the world capital of Salsa. If you start your trip in Medellín, that means a route that goes across the center of Colombia. This is the opposite of a boring trip since you get to see the very best of natural landscapes and mountain views.

If you are reading this article it is likely that you’re already a fan of Colombia and want to take it to the next level. Cali is not sought out by first-timers to Colombia, but should be! In Cali, you can breathe in the best essence of Latin America at every street corner. Aside from Bogotá, the capital, Medellín, and Cali are the main cities you have to definitely visit.

You can use the Reserve Now button if you are already convinced, but otherwise I invite you to read on our epic "Medellín to Cali Bus Journey Guide" below!

What are the buses in Colombia like?

Just because Colombia is the land of the chiva bus, you have to be aware that in Colombia you can find many types of other buses. Let me tell you more about that.

Colombia has one of the best-valued bus services in Latin America. As you probably already know, at AndesTransit we believe that you get what you pay for. No matter if you decide to go on a cheap bus or a more expensive one, you are always getting to your destination.

How long is the bus ride?

The ride from Medellín to Cali is 417 km (259 miles). Since there is a lot of traffic here going through or around several major cities, it takes around 10 hours by bus. It is not a short trip that will leave you wanting for more, but neither is it too long for you to get bored. The mixture of nature and cities you will see along this route is a unique experience you can only get on the bus.

The biodiversity of Colombia is very rich, and this route has a lot of that. Cali is actually the entrance to the Farallones de Cali National Park. And you also get to see some cities like Pereira, Armenia, and Tuluá along the way.

What is the cost of traveling by bus from Medellín to Cali?

The bus ticket from Medellín to Cali is around $29 to $35. Check more by pressing the Reserve Now button above.

There are several factors that can affect the price:

When you go

Weekends are usually more expensive. Bus tickets between Medellín and Cali are cheaper during the week, but the difference is not a lot, so don't worry so much about that.

When you book

Booking in advance is always recommended since seats are limited in such a busy route as this one. The earlier you make your reservation, the more availability of seats you will have.

Which Bus Carrier you Choose

There are different levels of services on this route. And for a 10-hour trip, you should take into account what they offer. Since Medellín and Cali are both big cities, there are many buses and the service is normally good. Some carriers offer a very simple no-frills trip that only takes you where you need to go, while other carriers offer more comfortable surroundings and amenities like climate control, reclining seats, toilets, entertainment, and onboard snacks. Remember what we say: you get what you pay for.

What are the bus schedules from Medellín to Cali?

Cali is one of the most fabulous yet under-visited cities in Colombia. For that reason and because it has 2.4 million inhabitants, you will find out there are a lot of buses going there. That is good, but be careful!

Colombia is one of the more organized countries when it comes to transportation schedules, but on this route, you have to pay attention to the right bus, since the bus stations are big and overcrowded. Not all of the online booking systems have up-to-date schedules, and a lot of tickets do not come with all the information you need to get to your bus.

At AndesTransit you will find a professional team working 24/7 to help you. We will update you with everything you need to know about your trip. You don't have to worry about any schedule issues.

We have veteran travel experts who communicate with all our carriers and know what they’re talking about in the backroom about roads and traffic. So you will always get up-to-date bus schedules and a personal assistant checking with the bus carriers on your behalf to get the word of any rapidly changing conditions.

Where can I book bus tickets from Medellín to Cali?

You have two options:


Fast. Cheap. Reliable. With this way of booking a bus in Colombia you just need to click on the Reserve Now button above and get your trip started!

Let the AndesTransit expert team help you get the best bus tickets from Medellín to Cali. Just Reserve Now!


I honestly don’t recommend this option. It is possible, but you could easily get yourself to the bus office to find out that the bus departure you wanted is no longer available, or it’s running out of seats. That could be a big problem for your trip. Remember that you are trying to walk around the Medellín station, and you can get lost just by looking at the crowded platforms.

Remember this advice: Book Online!

What is the best bus from Medellín to Cali?

The top rated carrier to go from Medellín to Cali is Empresa Arauca. It’s a very good company with a non-stop route.

Their new buses come with premium equipment, reclining seats that you will thank after a few hours, an air conditioner that will really help during the summer in Colombia, some entertainment like movies and music, GPS tracking during the trip, USB plugs to charge your phone, and WiFi when a signal is available.

Another option here is Expreso Boliviano, a carrier that has worked with us for years. They offer 40 seat buses for this route and you get TV, WiFi, climate control and good onboard service.

What to see in Cali

Salsa demonstration in Cali, Colombia

Salsa. Colors. Happiness. Those words say it all about Cali. And there is so much to discover in one of the entertainment capitals of Latin America. You also may know that Cali is one of the cultural, economic, and industrial poles of Colombia.

A very rich city life, amazing food, parties, music, dancing, history, museums, and a huge cat.

You will never get enough of Cali, but you can try these activities to get a taste of the city:

#1 - Monumento a la Maceta

Cali has many monuments to visit. The one I personally like the most is the one that honors Maceta, a typical candy made in Valle del Cauca. It represents the bond between godfather and godson and a festival is celebrated in June every year too.

The base of the monument is made of iron with a plate. It is divided into seven different levels of height, each level is made up of windmills of different colors, local birds, and the traditional sugar candy.

#2 - Galeria Alameda

In Cali, you can find some of the best flavors in Colombia. Galeria Alameda is a market where you can buy fruit, vegetables, and local savory treats, as well as have a typical Cali breakfast and enjoy the vibes of the city in its purest form.

#3 - Historia de la Salsa museum

With more than 50 years of history, this museum has everything to do with salsa and Latin music. Here you can find a permanent exposition of local artists, as well as listen to typical music and learn some things about the dance that makes Cali a world-famous city.


Cali is one of the top cities in Colombia you should definitely visit. It has a Mediterranean climate and you get to see so much along the way going by bus. Once you get there, take our suggestions only to get started, and then go from there to get the whole experience.

Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the bus ride from Medellín to Cali?
The distance from Medellín to Cali is around 417 km (259 miles). It takes around 10 hours.
Can I hop on and off the bus from Medellín to Cali with the same ticket?
No, the ticket is for a single itinerary from Medellín to Cali and stops in between are only for rest breaks.
Are there night buses from Medellín to Cali?
Yes, there are night buses on almost any route, especially ones that take more than three hours to get from origin to destination and those between major cities.
What are the ticket policies?
It depends on the carrier you choose, but their specific policies can be previewed during checkout or in the summaries printed on your ticket email. For a general overview, see the Ticket Policy page.

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