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on: 2021-06-30

by: Oliver Williams, Staff

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All about the bus from Quito to Puerto Lopez

Puerto Lopez is a great destination for beach lovers

The journey from the high mountains of Quito to the coast of Puerto Lopez is an incredible ride to take on a bus. You will get to see 486 km (302 miles) of an amazing route that goes from the Andean green mountains to the vast blue Pacific Ocean.

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This journey will take you from Quito, a great colonial city with old-style streets, to Puerto Lopez, a pretty town next to the sea and full of natural history.

Taking a bus from Quito to Puerto López will take you from the Andes at 2850 m. (9350 feet) to the sea level in 9 hours. Once you get to this small town you will feel calm and quiet just by seeing the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. See AndesTransit’s “Quito to Puerto López Bus Journey Guide” below for more information!

What are the buses in Ecuador like?

Traveling by bus in South America can be an experience that stands on its own, apart from destinations you reach. Buses are simple, but you will definitely love them!

Ecuador’s buses don't have deeply reclining seats or onboard bathrooms. And they don't usually have “luxury” items like blankets and pillows on overnight trips. Air conditioning is not consistent, and wait staff to serve meals is rare. But, we should also mention that buses in Ecuador are extremely cheap.

Don’t worry! Buses don’t have all services on-board, but they do make rest stops for meals and bathroom usage -- it's the law. Seats will be smaller on cheaper buses, and more closely packed. And don’t be surprised if aisles are crowded with overflow passengers.

You can also pay a few extra dollars and get a more comfortable ride with seats that recline a bit more, an onboard bathroom, climate control, and Wi-Fi (where available).

We want to make your bus trip as pleasant as possible. Please check out AndesTransit’s exclusive article Tips for Safe and Comfortable Bus Journeys, to get the best out of your bus experience.

How long is the bus ride from Quito to Puerto López?

The distance between Quito and Puerto López depends on the route taken. If it goes by way of Portoviejo and Chone, it is about 486 kilometers (302 miles) and it takes 9 to 10 hours. Going via Jipijapa and Quevedo is a bit longer at 506 kilometers (311 miles), and takes 11 to 15 hours.

Of course, the time may be longer, depending on natural phenomena such as weather conditions; or manmade occurrences like rush hour traffic getting out of Quito or waiting for some farmer to finish crossing his cows over the highway.

The length of the trip is just right for being able to arrive at your destination before nightfall or early in the morning, and if taking a night bus, saving money on lodging!

If you miss taking one of the few direct buses between Quito and Puerto López, you can also travel to Manta and transfer from there to Puerto López.

What is the cost of traveling by bus from Quito to Puerto López?

The bus from Quito to Puerto López costs around USD $21-24. US dollars are the official currency of Ecuador.

A number of factors will influence the ticket price:

When you ride

Weekday travel is generally less expensive than on weekends or during holiday times. Remember everyone wants to go to the beach those days!

When you purchase

Buying your ticket in advance is always a good idea to get the service you want.

Which bus carrier you choose

You get what you pay for! The fare of your trip also depends on the service you book. A cheaper bus company will offer you worse seats and a lot of stops. If you spend some more money you get a better ride from Quito to Puerto López.

Where can I book bus tickets from Quito to Puerto López?

For obtaining your ticket from Quito to Puerto López, you have two options: purchasing it online or getting it in person.


This is the fastest, cheapest and most reliable way of booking a bus ticket in Ecuador, no doubt! Get a ticket just by making a click in the Reserve Now button above, and enjoy your journey!

Get the best bus tickets from Quito to Puerto López, by booking on AndesTransit right from your mobile device and pay for it through our secure server.


To be honest, we don’t recommend this option. Although it is possible, the Quito bus station is so crowded and not the best place to buy a ticket. You could get there just to find out the service you want is no longer available, or get lost trying to find the office. And beware of your belongings while doing that!

What are the bus schedules from Quito to Puerto López?

Buses between Quito and Puerto López leave early in the morning (starting at 7:15 am) and at night (last one at 8:45 pm). This usually changes in holidays, when you have less availability due to demand.

This is a 9 hours bus ride, so check when it is better for you to arrive to Puerto López based on your accommodation arrangements.

A morning bus allows you to see the landscapes all along the country, from the steep green high mountains to the vast blue Pacific Ocean. You will get to Puerto López just in time to see the sunset.

Traveling at night is a good way to take advantage of your last day in Quito, and saves you money if you are on a budget. Additionally, you still have a complete day at the beach!

If you want more flexibility in your departure time, you can also consider taking a private shuttle from Quito to Puerto Lopez.

It’s your call, you can rely on AndesTransit to get you where you want to go. Click on the Reserve Now button above to book your bus ticket or ask us for more information about shuttles.

What is the best bus from Quito to Puerto López?

You will have a very pleasant trip with either of two companies we recommend. Based on our customers' experience, we recommend Reina del Camino.

Reina del Camino (Queen of the Road) has ejecutivo-class buses on its Quito to Puerto López route. These buses have seats that recline more than your average Ecuadorian bus. They also boast other features not typical of buses in this Andean country, like an onboard bathroom, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. To keep themselves real, they maintain the Ecuadorian bus tradition and play videos that will help you pass away the time. Reina del Camino offers both morning and night departures.

It’s easy to book your ticket on Reina del Camino by using the AndesTransit Reserve Now button on the top of the page.

If you want door-to-door private transportation, Quito to Puerto López shuttles are also available.

What to see in Puerto López

Machalilla National Park is home to endemic flora and fauna

Puerto López is a small town traditionally dedicated to fishing. Therefore, be sure to try the local seafood dishes: ceviche de camarón (a shrimp ceviche), cazuela de mariscos (a mixed seafood stew), and corviche (a fish-stuffed dumpling made of green plantain dough and peanut butter).

Machalilla National Park's natural beauty and the small villages hidden within the park’s boundaries. You can spend many days here exploring trails, beaches, observing wildlife, and other delights. And it is very close to Puerto López.

The city has a tropical climate, with temperatures averaging 24º C (75º F), but it can reach as high as 30º C (86º F). Sea breezes refresh you on the hottest days. From December to April it has very wet weather.

#1 - Go Whale Watching

Puerto López is famous for being one of the best places to observe Humpbacked Whales (Ballenas Jorobadas). These gentle marine giants migrate through the area between June and September. Many worldwide tourists arrive just to see these creatures leaping out of the sea, so it is easy to get on a boat tour during those months. Be sure not to miss the Festival de las Ballenas Jorobadas held every year in June.

#2 - Parque Nacional Machalilla

Puerto López village is entirely surrounded by this national park which protects land and sea. It has wonderfully quiet beaches like Playita Negra, La Tortuguita, and Playa de Los Frailes. It also encompasses small islands, including the famous Isla de la Plata.

#3 - Isla de la Plata

Isla de la Plata is often called “The Poor Man’s Galapagos.” On this island within Machalilla National Park, you can see many of the same bird species of the more famous (and expensive) Ecuadorian islands, including waved albatross and blue-footed boobies. Scuba diving at Palo Santo and El Faro reefs reveals a colorful underwater world to you.

#4 - Salango

Located 8 kilometers (5 miles) south of Puerto López, Salango has a first-class archaeological museum, the Museo Arqueológico del Centro Turístico Comunitario. Its collection exhibits pieces from the Valdivia, Machalilla, Chorrera-Engoroy, Bahía, Guangala and Manteña pre-Columbian cultures. From this village, it is possible to arrange a boat tour out to the uninhabited Isla Salango which has terrific snorkeling and some haunted stories.

#5 - Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca, 12 kilometers north of Puerto López, is a village where you can find an archaeological museum featuring pieces from the ancient Manteño-Huancavilca culture, guided hikes through the jungle, and to finish the day of activities, a soak in the medicinal hot mud springs.


By experiencing Puerto López, you’ll have a taste of Ecuador's laid-back Pacific coast fishing village surrounded by immeasurable natural beauty. Get some fish gourmet dishes on this paradise beach, where it never gets cold!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the bus ride from Quito to Puerto López?
The distance from Quito to Puerto López is around 486 km (302 miles). It takes 9 - 15 hours.
What is the cost of traveling by bus from Quito to Puerto López?
Starting at $21. Tickets are usually more expensive during weekends.
Where can I book bus tickets from Quito to Puerto López?
Some travelers like to get travel support and assistance to avoid problems, so their choice is AndesTransit. You can also buy the bus ticket directly at the bus station.
Where do I catch the bus fromQuito to Puerto López?
From Quito Bus Station.
Where does the Quito to Puerto López bus arrive?
To Puerto Lopez Bus Station.
What are the ticket policies?
It depends on the carrier you choose, but their specific policies can be previewed during checkout or in the summaries printed on your ticket email. For a general overview, see the Ticket Policy page.

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