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on: 2023-06-06

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All about the bus from Salento to Medellin

The art of native son Fernando Botero is the pride of Medellin, Colombia.

The road on the bus from Salento to Medellin meanders through the rolling and beautiful hillsides of Eje Cafetero (Colombia’s Coffee Zone). It is a wonderful trip long enough to give you a chance to sink back into your seat and get a real sense of the classical Colombian landscape.

What are the buses in Colombia like?

Generally, the buses in Colombia are of good quality with experienced drivers who take particular care in maintaining safety records. In many parts of Colombia, especially between Salento and Medellin, small buses or micros or busetas are common, transporting about a dozen passengers.

How long is the bus ride?

The distance between Medellín and Salento is 247 kilometers. The bus trip takes about 7-8 hours mainly depending on the weather conditions. Choose a reputable, reliable company, and most you can likely avoid other adventures, like the bus breaking down!

What is the cost of traveling by bus from Salento to Medellin?

The fare from Salento to Medellín costs about 90,000 Colombian Pesos (USD $23). The price might be higher or lower based on the fluctuation of the Colombian currency.

What are the bus schedules from Salento to Medellin?

Only a few buses leave from Salento to Medellín each day, two in the morning, one in the late afternoon, and the last at night. You can, of course, take other buses to other cities like Manizales or Pereira, and then transfer from there to Medellin, but these are not direct and may include a long layover.

Where can I book bus tickets from Salento to Medellin?

You can either book at the bus station or online, so let’s look at both in a bit more detail.


Risky, but not so much in a dangerous way (although wandering around a bus station hauling your backpack makes you an easy target). The risk is more along the lines of encountering your hoped-for departure canceled or sold out by the time you get there, or spending your vacation time going all the way to the terminal just to find out then the bus company tells you to come back tomorrow. Nonetheless, if you are fine with taking your chances, just arrive at the terminal well in advance so you can survey the choices, stand in line, and be prepared to not take no for an answer as booth vendors are like auctioneers. Know good Spanish, as other vendors will be shouting in your ear from every direction to try and pull you in their direction, only to try and bend you to their parameters instead of yours. If you enjoy a bit of chaos and hustle and have time to spare, then buying in-person will be fine.


The far easier choice, even locals primarily do it this way now. Get your tickets from the comfort of your hostel room or at a café sipping a cup of Colombian coffee. Avoid the screaming and mayhem of the terminal, get clear choices in English or Spanish, get better seats that only sell in’s all just a better way to go. Enter your origin and destination the boxes above and click Reserve Now to get it done.

What bus should I choose?

Not many bus companies make the direct Salento-Medellín-Salento bus run. Of the few that do, Flota Occidental is definitely your best option because they are accustomed to foreign clientele and making this travel experience through beautiful landscapes worth your time, letting you see how regular Colombians pass their day. This company’s smaller-sized buses give you much more legroom than a conventional bus. This is for sure something you taller travelers will appreciate on a trip of this length!

The seats are ample, and you won’t be squished by your neighbor when they want to recline. The buses also have secure, undercarriage luggage storage bins so your carry-on will be safe. The comfort that Flota Occidental’s buses provide will make the trip slip by without hassle. You will arrive in Medellín refreshed and ready to take on the sights!

Things to do and see in Medellin

The streets of Medellin, Colombia.

Medellín is a vibrant cosmopolitan city with over 40 museums and endless entertainment and pastimes to meet every desire. This metropolis has also become a mecca for digital nomads as the government has invested in creating the infrastructure of blinding speed internet and a sophisticated light rail/cable car public transportation system. In fact, Paisas (the term for native residents of the region) have a historic reputation for their business acumen, so expect to learn a thing or two about sales, customer service, and strategy.

At 1,500 meters above sea level, Medellín’s altitude gives the city a wonderful climate. During the day, temperatures are around 28º Celsius. Evenings are pleasantly cool, averaging about 17º Celsius. The most popular part of Medellín to stay in is the El Poblado neighborhood.

#1 - Chow down on the Bandeja Paisa, Medellín’s signature dish

Bandeja Paisa is a heart-stopping plate full of cholesterol: carne molida (ground meat), chicharrón (pork rinds), huevo frito (fried egg), chorizo (sausage), and morcilla (blood sausage, black pudding), accompanied by frijoles (red beans cooked with pork, of course), arroz (white rice), plátano maduro (grilled sweet plantain), arepa (a cornbread), and aguacate (avocado). Vegetarians and vegans need not apply!

#2 - Get to know Fernando Botero, the internationally-renowned Colombian artist

One of Medellín’s most famous native sons is Fernando Botero. You can see twenty-three of Botero’s statues of rotund humans in the Plaza Botero. Still, wanting to see more? Then stop into the Museo de Antioquia right on this same plaza. Here you’ll find a large collection of Botero’s sculptures and paintings. The museum also has exhibit halls on regional archeology and colonial and modern art.

Address: Carrera 52 # 52-43, Centro de Medellín

#3 - Breathe in the Fresh Air of Parque Arvi

Need a break from the hustle (and pollution) of Medellín? Then hop on the Metrocable and get a bird’s eye view of the metropolis as you climb up the mountain. You will saunter around the park that is a natural respite with an environmental center and lookout towers. There are also hiking trails through the cloud forest, a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Refuel with your own picnic or have lunch at one of the several restaurants in Parque Arvi. Before heading back down the mountain to Medellín, be sure to stop by the farmer’s market in the park.

Address: Corregimiento de Santa Elena, vereda Piedras Blancas, sector El Tambo (end of Metrocable Line L)


No journey better conveys the vast differences in Colombia’s cultural and natural landscapes than that from Salento to Medellín. Are you ready to make this journey? Then get started by clicking on the Reserve Now button above to find out about bus schedules and to make your reservation now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the bus ride from Salento to Medellin?
The distance from Salento to Medellin is around 247 km and takes around seven to eight hours.
What is the cost of traveling from Salento to Medellin by bus?
The bus fare from Salento to Medellín costs about USD $23.
Is it safe to travel by bus from Salento to Medellin?
Yes, the buses are small and carry a dozen passengers, giving you increased security and with drivers who are accustomed to transporting travelers from outside the country.
What are the ticket policies?
It depends on the carrier you choose, but their specific policies can be previewed during checkout or in the summaries printed on your ticket email. For a general overview, see the Ticket Policy page.

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