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on: 2021-05-24

by: Oliver Williams

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    9 hours 30 minutes

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    cultural sites, chinatown, shopping, restaurants

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    USD $ 11.45

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All about the bus from Trujillo to Lima

Lima, Peru

At AndesTransit, we firmly believe that the bus is the absolute best mode of transport for seeing the dramatic and diverse landscape of Peru.

The route for the bus from Trujillo to Lima is without a doubt one of the most scenic bus voyages out there and you’ll undoubtedly see a side of this fascinating country that you hadn’t before.

Bus travel in Peru is extremely common, and thanks to AndesTransit, it’s also conveniently easy to arrange.

You can use the Reserve Now button above to quickly and easily book your bus route between Lima and Trujillo.

What are the buses in Peru like?

Traveled in South America before? If yes, then chances are you’re already aware of the decisively unique experience that’s to be had when riding a bus through this part of the world.

No? Read on. In short, the quality of buses in South America varies substantially. The cheapest buses (local buses), can be extremely rough on your hips and joints. We’re talking tightly packed seats with little legroom, and even those will be less in number than the passengers on board. Many have to stand for some or even all of the journey. Generally speaking, don’t even think about an onboard toilet, air-conditioning, or other comfort facilities.

On the other end of the spectrum, Peru’s luxury buses are incredible while also being super affordable. They’re equipped with clean bathrooms, fully reclining armchair seats, dedicated staff, and sometimes even an Ipad (no, you don’t get to keep it at the end of the ride though!). We’ll talk about more of this in just a bit.

How long is the bus ride from Trujillo to Lima?

From Trujillo to Lima, the distance is 558 km (347 miles) and takes roughly 9-10 hours (although this may vary depending on weather conditions, the bus driver, unforeseen incidents on the road, etc).

That means the rest of the day on either side of your journey will pretty much be a write-off. Still, at least the journey’s duration isn’t a killer. You can sleep to a reasonable hour before you get on the bus and reach your destination at a sane time of day.

Plus, we’ve said it before and we want to stress it again, you will really get to bear witness to Peru in a unique way. Get comfortable as you pass through the rolling countryside of Peru, through quaint little pueblos, mountains, deserts, and more. Often, the only way to get a real idea of the special nature of a place is to see it all, piece by piece, without any shortcuts. If you want to see the real Peru, the bus is the way to go.

What is the cost of traveling by bus from Trujillo to Lima?

Generally, bus tickets from Trujillo to Lima will cost $17-$44 USD (55-144 PEN), but AndesTransit currently offers tickets as low as $11.45 USD. What affects the price comes down to several variables:

When you go

In the travel industry, it’s standard practice that weekends and holidays are more expensive. That pretty much is the same case with bus travel in Peru, where tickets for this bus route are generally cheaper Monday - Thursday and on Saturdays, whereas they’re slightly more expensive on Fridays and Sundays. This is useful to keep in mind if you’re on a super tight budget and trying to save a couple of bucks.

When you book

The further you book tickets in advance, the less you have to pay for them because you lock in the rate from future price hikes.

Which Bus Carrier you Choose

As we said, the quality of buses in South America varies widely. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for! If you want a more luxurious experience (air-con, reclining seats, toilets & more), you’ll need to pay a little extra. Considering that the biggest price difference between buses is just $33, we don’t think it’s too much of a burden to upgrade.

What are the bus schedules from Trujillo to Lima?

To see the full, up-to-date schedule for this bus route, just click the Reserve Now button above -- there’s no commitment to buy.

It’s vitally important to bear in mind several things, even though Latin American bus systems really have improved over the last ten years.

The most important thing to remember is that the schedules can change and not all online booking systems have schedules that are up to date. Even some of the bus companies’ own websites are frustratingly out-of-date.

However, this is the very reason we started AndesTransit. By working directly with Latin America’s best and most reliable bus operators, we’re able to ensure that you get bus schedules that are accurate before you get your ticket.

This is something we’ve been doing for a long time now and we pride ourselves on consistently scanning for updates and gossip inside the bus operator’s networks or from other travelers on the ground everywhere.

Where can I book bus tickets from Trujillo to Lima?

When it comes to this, you have two options:


This is without a doubt the option we recommend. Booking online is solidly safe and reliable, and it ensures you’ll get the best possible seat at the best possible price while saving you the time and hassle of having to do everything yourself at the bus office.

If you’re looking to book a ticket from Trujillo to Lima, you can do so with AndesTransit, feeling assured that you’re getting a guaranteed seat at the most competitive price.


To tell the truth, we don’t recommend this option. Sure it’s possible, but it’s not 100% possible, especially if all the other tickets have already been booked by people who got there before you, or did it online!

Nowadays, travel is incredibly popular in Peru and the route from Trujillo to Lima is one of the most in-demand. There’s a lot of popular stops along the way, and being both the capital and the transportation hub for all of Peru, Lima will have a lot of people traveling between it and all other destinations of Peru.

Why get stuck at a swelteringly hot and perpetually dull bus station for hours on end when you could save all of that with less than five minutes using AndesTransit, right here, right now.

Why book with AndesTransit?

The core ethos of AndesTransit is that slow travel equals better travel, and so traveling by bus is absolutely the BEST way to see Latin America, particularly in Peru!

With a belief in slow travel guiding us, it helps drive us to find great best bus tickets throughout Latin America, at the most competitive price, and with highly educated customer service and travel experts ready to help you throughout your journey.

We’re proud of our reputation as “the bus geeks”, in fact, each member of our staff signs their name with that title hoping someday they will be the platinum-level bus geek at the top of the heap!

What is the best bus from Trujillo to Lima?

There are a fair number of bus carriers that run this route, but let’s round it down to our top pick.

CDS is our all-time favorite bus provider in Peru. When you book through AndesTransit, you’ll notice that their prices are exceptionally good, and their amenities totally rock! All three packages that they offer are great, but the VIP seats are particularly worth it.

If you’re looking to find the best bus ride that fits your travel needs, click the Reserve Now button above.

You’ll first be given a colorful calendar to choose your travel date, and note that the green color represents the lowest price, the blue color the highest. After you choose a date, the next page shows you a list of every bus company that travels from Trujillo to Lima, including prices, duration, and reviews from other travelers such as yourself.

It’s insanely easy and the most convenient way to book a bus ticket in Peru!

What to see in Lima

Muro de Barranco, Lima

Lima isn’t just Peru’s capital. It’s also the country's largest city and the second-largest in all South America. It is absolutely huge! It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the list of activities to do and sights to behold there is infinitely long. Here are three of our favorites.

#1 - Visit Ancient Ruins from Long Lost Civilizations

The history of Peru is utterly mesmerizing - it was the center of the mighty and mysterious Inca empire from 1438 - 1533.

Many travelers make their way here to embark on the Inca Trail treks, but did you know that you can visit ancient archaeological sites from even further back without leaving Lima?

The archaeological complex of Huaca Pucllana is just one of these. Located in the district of Miraflores (also Lima’s hottest tourist district) and built around 500 AD, it is a muscular pyramid of seven terraced platforms, made entirely of adobe and clay.

It served as an important ceremonial and administrative center for the advancement of the Lima culture, an ancient society that flourished sometime between the years 200 - 700 A.D.

#2 - Go Surfing

You might not associate Lima with beaches or watersports, but the Beach Boys sure did! They based many songs on surfing in Lima, and one of the members, Al Jardine, actually lived there for a while. Spend long enough exploring the city and you’ll come to realize that it has several nearby beaches along the Pacific Ocean such as Punta Rocas and Pico Alto that offer pretty damn good surfing!

Pico Alto is especially popular and is said to boast to catch some of the highest waves off of Peru’s coast.

The most popular place of all time to catch a wave in Lima? That award goes to La Herradura, which is the closest break to the city of Lima (about a 15-minute drive), and often gets called one of the best places to catch a wave in all of Peru. Pretty awesome title.

#3 - Witness the Changing of the Guard

Located deep in the heart of Lima’s historical center, is the government palace, home to Peru’s president. Situated opposite the highest point of Lima and stationed on the banks of the Rimac River, the palaces’ location is both stunning and draped in spiritual meaning.

Although entry to the palace is restricted, one needs only stand just at the front of the gates before midday to watch the changing of the immaculately dressed guards.

Directly behind the palace is the Peruvian House of Literature, which is also worth checking out. Once an old train station, it has been transformed into a reading room for fine Peruvian Works.


So far, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what makes Lima such a mind-blowing city, so hopefully, it should be obvious by now that there is a lot left to unpack when you get there!

All that remains is for you to book what might just be the most scenic, pampered bus ride of your life to connect Trujillo to Lima and let fate take care of the rest. At Andestransit we’ve got your back for helping to make this dream a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the bus ride from Trujillo to Lima?
9-10 hours, depending on how direct the bus is, or just general traffic.
What is the cost of traveling by bus from Trujillo to Lima?
It can be cost upwards from $11 to $50 USD depending on a carrier’s reputation and services afforded to passengers.
Where can I book bus tickets from Trujillo to Lima?
Online at to get the best seats. Bus companies also have offices scattered around downtown Trujillo and at the terrapuerto on the outskirts of the city.
What are the ticket policies?
It depends on the carrier you choose, but their specific policies can be previewed during checkout or in the summaries printed on your ticket email. For a general overview, see the Ticket Policy page.

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