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Choices for shared and private services to cross the border


on: 30/06/22

by: Kali Kucera, AndesTransit

A group of travelers using the shuttle service to cross between Ecuador and Colombia by land.

Your Complete Guide to Crossing the border between Ecuador and Colombia (or reverse)

After a joint announcement between the presidents of Colombia and Ecuador on December 18th, 2021, the two countries agreed to reopen their shared border with new and robust health security protocols.

Regular vehicular traffic is permitted crossing the land border between Colombia and Ecuador, including for tourism purposes.

What do I need to cross the border from Colombia to Ecuador (or Ecuador to Colombia)?

As of February 11, 2022, ONE of the TWO is required in addition to your passport.

  • A vaccination card showing the traveler has received a complete series of the COVID-19 vaccine (boosters not required) at least 14 days before your border crossing; OR
  • A negative RT-PCR test (a nasal swab test) taken no more than 72 hours before the border crossing. See a list of testing centers here. If you are using our shared shuttle service to cross the border that operates only on Thursdays, your test should be taken no earlier than 1:00 PM on the prior Monday (unless you are arranging for a private reservation where you charter an entire vehicle for yourself or your group)

In addition to the above,

For travelers entering Ecuador, a signed declaration of traveler health that you submit online here in advance of your border crossing. 

For travelers entering Colombia, a signed declaration of traveler heath that you submit online here in advance of your border crossing. 

How much should I expect to pay for crossing the Colombia Ecuador border?

The best price point is on Thursdays when we have regularly scheduled trips planned to pick up qualified travelers at the border. These are called shared shuttle trips, so you would be sharing the ride with other travelers, with prices ranging from $72 to $154 per person/seat depending on what portion of the distance between Bogota and Quito you require transportation.

For trips on any other day of the week (except major holidays, which we do not serve), the shuttle service is considered a private shuttle arrangement reserved exclusively for you and your immediate family or personal traveling group. Therefore you should use the Private Reservation buttons below if you must travel on any day of the week that is not a Thursday.

Ready to make a reservation?

First, consult the below chart to determine which type of shuttle works best for you (shared or private), then proceed to the corresponding section to begin the reservation process.




Pay only for the seats needed.

Pay for the whole vehicle.


Cheapest for a solo traveler.

Cheapest for groups.


Trips only operate every Thursday.

No date limitations.


Dates may be more restricted for solo travelers.

No minimum passengers required.


Departure times operate on a set schedule.

Departure time is more flexible.


Rest stops decided by driver.

Flexible to stop where you want on the route.


Pickup from fixed locations. Delivery to your hotel, but limited to Ibarra, Ipiales, Otavalo, and Quito.

Both pickup and delivery locations more flexible between Quito and Ibarra.


Driver assists passengers with migration protocol at border.

Driver assists passengers with migration protocol at border.


Non-refundable, but postponable up to 90 days.

Non-refundable, but postponable up to 90 days.

Shared Shuttle Services

Shared shuttle services are limited to the Rumichaca route that crosses the border near Ipiales, Colombia or Tulcan, Ecuador. You have a choice of boarding or departing the shuttle on the Ecuador side in Quito, Otavalo, or Ibarra. Ibarra<-->Ipiales is the minimum price point you can reserve, even if you request to go a shorter distance. The shuttle does not operate south of Quito or north of Ipiales. However, we do offer connection packages that include both the international shared shuttle and bus connections in Colombia. If you need something that is more flexible than these conditions, you should refer to the Private Shuttles section below.

To reserve a seat on a Shared Shuttle

Just use the yellow search bar below and type in one of the following origin and destination pairs (or click these list items to directly load the query)

From Colombia

You can also access connection packages to any of these destinations by entering your origin as Cali or Bogota instead of Ipiales. For these connection packages from Cali or Bogota, you need to choose a Wednesday trip date in order to arrive in Ipiales in time to make the connection on Thursday, and there will be about a three-hour layover when you arrive in Ipiales before you can continue your trip from Ipiales to Ecuador.

From Ecuador

You can also access connection packages from any of these origins to destinations of Cali or Bogota instead of Ipiales. For these connection packages to Cali or Bogota, there will be about a three-hour layover when you arrive in Ipiales before you can continue your trip from Ipiales Cali/Bogota, and you will arrive in Cali or Bogota on the next day (Friday).

Private Shuttes

Private shuttle services are much more flexible with departure and arrival locations and schedules. However, the international crossing is limited to the Rumichaca crossing. Shuttles do not cross at any other border crossings as those other crossings have to be traversed manually by pedestrian bridge or by boat.

To reserve a Private Shuttle

Recommended Testing Centers

This is just a partial list. You can also ask your hotel receptionist where most of their international guests go to get tested.


Free testing centers. Bogota offers free test centers in different locations.

Clinica Los Nogales. Results arrive in 24 hours.

Colcan Sede Bogota. Call for more information.

Synlab Colombia. Results arrive in 24 hours.


Christus Sinergia Salud. Results arrive as early as 4 hours.

Colcan Sede Cali. Call for more information.

Clinica Nueva Cali. Schedule your test at least 7 days in advance during high season (November-December, April-August).


Hospital Civil Ipiales. Call them to confirm the approximate delivery of test results.

Laboratorio de Patologia de Monica Arcos. Call +57 316 6226703 to obtain more information.

Cooemssanar IPS Ipiales. Call +57 1 7731131 to obtain more information.

ECUADOR : Ibarra

Laboratorio Clinico Meissen. Call +593 062-606-718 to obtain more information.

ECUADOR : Otavalo

Hospital San Luis de Otavalo. Ask at the main desk for information regarding COVID-19 testing.


Synlab Ecuador. Results arrive between 12 and 24 hours based on the case.

Ecuamerican. Results arrive in 24 hours.

VozAndes Hospital. Results arrive in 24 hours.

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