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on: 2023-06-06

by: Lisa Gembrini

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Taking the bus from Bogota to Cartagena

Lively street nightlife in Cartagena, Colombia

Taking a bus through Colombia is a great way to see the landscapes that everyone talks about. Especially going to Cartagena, which is one of the most popular destinations in Latin America.

Traveling from Bogota to Cartagena, you will get to see much of the country and have a mixed experience of nature and cities. I will not lie: this trip is long, but is totally worth it. Let me tell you why.

There is also the option of taking a plane. But I don't suggest that, because they are expensive and boring. You will truly get the essence of Colombia going by bus. At AndesTransit we believe that this road is something you can’t miss.

You can use the Reserve Now button above to book your bus from Bogota to Cartagena now, or maybe you would prefer to first check out our epic "Bogota to Cartagena Bus Journey Guide" below!

What are the buses in Colombia like?

There is a great variety of buses in Colombia. Remember that this is the land of the chiva bus, which is an artisan rustic bus. Chivas are adapted to rural public transport, especially considering the mountainous geography of the Andean region of this country.

Around Latin America you can find cheap buses, which means they are old, basic and uncomfortable; or better services with more comfort that are more expensive. Colombia is a good example of that, but talking in general you can find good buses at a reasonable price.

Of course you can get more comfortable options if you are looking for something extremely good. Travel with higher-priced companies will ensure your trip to have reclining seats, with climate control and clean windows to have a view of the landscapes.

Let me tell you more about bus travelling in Colombia.

How long is the bus ride?

The ride from Bogota to Cartagena is 1039 km (645 miles). It takes around 21 hours by bus. I know what you are thinking: that’s too long! And you are right, but you will get to see all the landscapes of Colombia from the Andes mountains to the Pacific ocean.

Of course unexpected variations can happen, but this is a route in good condition that usually has no drawbacks.

Taking a long bus like this can be very good, because you get to travel and also spend a night in the bus. Be careful when choosing the type of bus service, considering you are going to sleep there.

This route is amazing. You can see much of the biodiversity of Colombia, rivers and mountains, until you reach the sea. On the way you will also go through some nice cities between Bogota and Cartagena like Tunja, El Carmen, Arjona and Turbaco. There is a lot to see!

What is the cost of traveling by bus from Bogota to Cartagena?

The bus ticket from Bogota to Cartagena can cost between $75 and $87.

There are several factors that can affect the price:

When you go

Fridays, Sundays and holidays are usually more expensive. Bus tickets between Bogota to Cartagena are usually cheaper from Monday to Thursday, so take that into account when choosing dates.

When you book

Booking in advance is always recommended, since seats are limited, and the earlier you make your reservation, the more availability you will have.

Which Bus Carrier you Choose

There’s a difference between the quality of buses in Colombia, and you will notice that in the fare. You get what you pay for! Services between Bogota and Cartagena are normally good, but if you want a more comfy experience - like climate control, reclining seats, toilets and entertainment - you’ll spend a bit more. Considering the long distance and spending one night in the bus, don't doubt on getting a good bus!

What are the bus schedules from Bogota to Cartagena?

Even though the bus systems in Latin America have improved lately, you still need to keep in mind that changing schedules is still a reality. And to be sincere, the companies do not always tell the passengers about these changes on time.

Colombia is one of the more organized countries in transportation schedules, but you still need to be careful. Not all of the online booking systems have up to date schedules; and some bus carriers websites will show old information too!

In AndesTransit you will find a professional team working 24/7 to help you. We will update you with everything you need to know about your trip. You’ll don't have to worry about any schedule issues.

We have a permanent online follow-up with all our carriers. So you will always get up to date bus schedules and a personal assistant checking with the bus carriers on your behalf to get the word of any rapidly changing conditions.

Where can I book bus tickets from Bogota to Cartagena?

You have two options:


Fast. Cheap. Reliable. With this way of booking a bus in Colombia you just need to click on the Reserve Now button above, and get your trip started!

Let the AndesTransit expert team help you get the best bus tickets from Bogota to Cartagena.


I honestly don’t recommend this option. It is possible, but you could easily get yourself to the bus office to find out that the bus time you wanted is no longer available, or it’s running out of seats. That could be a big problem for your trip.

So unless you like doing everything at the last minute and be prepared to change all of your plans, you better book online!

What is the best bus from Bogota to Cartagena?

Our best rated carrier for this route is Expreso Brasilia. It’s the most common passenger choice, and it’s a very good company.

Expreso Brasilia offers new buses, reclining seats that you will thank after a few hours, an air conditioner that will really help during the summer in Colombia, some entertainment like movies and music, GPS tracking during the trip, USB plugs to charge your phone, and WiFi when signal is available.

What to see in Cartagena

Sanctuary of San Pedro Claver, Cartagena

On the Caribbean coast, this is the main fortified city of Colombia. Known in other times as the "Jewel of the Indies", this is a great place where you will find an interesting history, warm and beautiful beaches, Spanish colonial architecture, bustling nightlife and some pirate stories.

Cartagena is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city hosted some popular films like Gemini man (Will Smith, 2019) and it’s where the Nobel prize Gabriel García Marquez got inspired to write Love in the Time of Cholera, and also his other novel Of Love and Other Demons takes place here. You can breathe the culture in every street!

So many things to do! But we chose some of our favorites for you:

#1 - Sanctuary of Saint Peter Claver

Placed in the old city, this sanctuary was built to honor Peter Claver, a Spanish Jesuit Missionary and priest who encouraged people to view the slaves arriving in the city in the 1600s as Christians. This is a stunning building, and you can also find an internal garden that seems to come out of a dream.

#2 - Clock Tower and Carriage Plaza

The Clock Tower is one of the entrances to the walled part of the city. It was at other times the main entrance, and now it’s one of the main tourist attractions of the old city, and the gate to the historic centre.

Once you get through the gateway, you will find the Carriage plaza, an iconic square where carriages used to pick up and drop off passengers. Here you can take one of the best pictures of Cartagena!

#3 - Zenú Gold Museum

This gold museum has an impressive collection of gold jewelry and other pre-Columbian artifacts unearthed in the region. It preserves the legacy of the Zenú people, a local indigenous tribe.

The de la República bank has three of these museums all along Colombia, but this one especially has one of the biggest gold collections of the world.


I know this trip is long. But there’s something you probably noticed by reading this guide. Colombia is a totally worth it country. It’s not just Bogota and Cartagena, there is a lot in between.

So take your time and be ready to experience mountains, forests, water and some of the most colorful, big and fun cities in Colombia.

AndesTransit got your back! See you soon onboard!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the bus ride from Bogota to Cartagena?
The distance from Bogota to Cartagena is around 1039 km (645 miles). It takes around 21 hours.
Which route does the bus from Bogota to Cartagena take?
Most buses will go up through the central valley passing La Dorada and Barrancabermeja.
Are the buses from Bogota to Cartagena safe for sleeping?
Yes, if you are taking a long-distance bus they have better security protocols than the shorter hop-on hop-off variety.
What are the ticket policies?
It depends on the carrier you choose, but their specific policies can be previewed during checkout or in the summaries printed on your ticket email. For a general overview, see the Ticket Policy page.

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