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on: 2021-05-27

by: Alice Silva, Staff

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All about the bus from Ica to Lima

Visit Lima and explore the Incan country by bus.

If you are thinking about taking the bus from Ica to Lima - this is for you!

Bus travel in Peru is common, affordable, and with the help of AndesTransit - it’s also super easy to book. Use the search bar above to book your bus. If you want to learn more about this route, check out our ‘Ica-Lima Travel Guide’ below!

What are the buses in Peru like?

Just like anywhere else, Peruvian buses vary widely in their quality. The difference between a cheap local bus and a luxury bus is GREAT.

But the good news is that the top-end buses are very affordable. If you are willing to pay a few more Soles (Peruvian currency), you’ll find that the luxury buses in Peru are some of the best in all of Latin America!

On the other hand, If you are on a super tight budget, you can also find cheaper options! You just might not have access to certain amenities (like a reclining seat, toilet or WiFi).In other words, a cheap bus in Latin America is always going to be extremely basic

How long is the bus ride?

The distance from Ica to Lima to Peru is 305 km or 189 miles.

Expect the bus ride to take anywhere from 5-6 hours, depending on which bus you take and the traffic conditions of the day. Because of Peru’s huge size, this is actually one of the shorter journeys between major tourist destinations.

What is the cost of traveling by bus from Ica to Lima?

Ica to Lima bus tickets will cost you anywhere from $16 USD (50 Soles) to $27 USD (102 Soles). This will vary on a few factors.

Which Bus Carrier you Choose

If you want a reclining seat, a nice bathroom, WiFi or meals on-board, look to pay a bit more.

How far in advance you book your bus ticket

The sooner you grab your tickets the better!

When the tickets are for

Holidays and weekends will obviously be more expensive to travel.

What are the bus schedules from Ica to Lima?

You do need to be watchful in South America, as bus schedules are subject to change, and not all of the information online is up to date.

But don’t worry! Here at AndesTransit, we work directly with the country’s top bus companies and only deliver the most up-to-date bus schedules. If you wish to see the most up to date bus schedule for Ica/Lima - use our search engine above.

Where can I book bus tickets from Ica to Lima?

Let's check the 2 options…


This is an OK option but only recommended if you have flexibility in your travel plans. This is because Peruvian buses can fill up quickly, and you might have to wait a few hours at the bus station for the next available seat. And no one wants that.


Our highest recommendation! Booking your bus ticket online is the safest and most secure way to book your bus from Ica/Lima. When you book through our search engine, there is no lost time, just stress-free Peruvian travel!

Why book with AndesTransit?

Here at AndesTransit, we believe that slow travel is better travel. Traveling by land is the BEST way to see Latin America, especially in Peru!

This core belief is what defines AndesTransit, as we vow to find you the best bus tickets throughout Latin America, at a great price!

When it comes to buses in Latin America… Our goal is to be experts!

What is the best bus from Ica to Lima?

As mentioned, Peru has some AWESOME bus companies. Here are two of our favorites:


Founded in the ‘80s, Oltursa is one of the best top-end bus companies in all of Peru. Their standard packages give you a nice comfortable ‘cama’ (sleeper) seat, and the VIP packages give you a fully reclining bed, Wifi, and even your own iPad!


CDS dominates Peru bus travel and offers three distinct packages depending on your budget: Suite, VIP, and Imperial. Each package comes with food, and a full range of service and the VIP package takes it to another level.

If you are looking to find the best bus ride that fits your needs, click the Reserve Now button above. Then choose a date you want to travel and you’ll be presented with a comparison chart of all the possible bus companies. You’ll also see the prices, duration, and reviews. It’s the best way to book a bus ticket in Latin America!

Things to do in Lima

Visit different popular districts in Lima by bus.

The fifth-largest city in Latin America, Lima is one of the many highlights of visiting Peru. Whether you love its stunning architecture, endless things to do, or its world-class food scene - there is something in Lima for everyone!

Here are our four favorite things to do in Lima, Peru

Plaza de Armas

No trip to Lima would be complete without a trip to one of Peru’s most famous sights - Plaza del Armas!

The Plaza is huge, so big that building started in 1580 and took nearly a century to finish!

The architecture is gorgeous and will bring you back to a time of colonialism, Catholicism and conquistadors.

The Plaza de Armas is located right in the center of Lima’s historic district and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Highly recommended!

#2 - Eat Peruvian food!

Peruvian food is considered by many to be the best food in all of South America, and Lima is the heart of Peru’s incredible culinary scene.

Whether you are looking to eat at the world’s 5th-ranked restaurant (Central) or you are looking to grab some cheap street food, Lima will not let your tastebuds down.

Some recommendations: try ceviche, lomo saltado, and the always amazing causa de pollo. Comamos!

#3 - Lima Museum of Art

With more than 18,000 Peruvian works of art to see, The Lima Museum of Art (otherwise known as MALI) is a MUST-see for anyone interested in art or history - or both!

Located conveniently downtown, MALI showcases centuries of Peruvian art and history. Whether you are interested in pre-Colombian textiles, modern photography, or anything in between, the Lima Museum of Art has something for everyone.

Pro tip: get a private tour. The tour guides are highly reviewed, very affordable, and will give you a deeper understanding of Peruvian art.

Pro tip - ride a bike! Malecon is bike-friendly, and there are tons of rental bike stations around.

#4 - Visit Larcomar

Do you like the idea of food and shopping, with stunning views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean?

Built on Lima’s epic cliffside, Larcomar is actually underground, built underneath the trendy neighborhood of Miraflores, and the views are gorgeous!

Whether you are looking to shop, eat, or just take in the sights, Larcomar has something for everyone. Try some local Peruvian food, and check out some of the awesome boutique shops for souvenirs for the family back home. You can even play some pool or a quick game of bowling!


As you can see, visiting both Lima and Ica are MUST-do’s in Peru, and traveling by bus is the best way to explore both.

Whether you pick a shuttle or a bus company that is more luxurious, you’ll see that traveling through magical Peru is best done by land!

Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the bus ride from Ica to Lima?
The distance from Ica to Lima is around 305 km. It will take you around 4 and a half hours on the short side and up to 5 maximum to get from one place to the other.
What is the cost of traveling by bus from Ica to Lima?
It ranges between USD $16 to $27 depending on a carrier’s reputation and services afforded to passengers.
Where can I book bus tickets from Ica to Lima or the other way around?
Online at, or in-person at the city bus terminal.
Where do I catch the bus from Ica to Lima?
From the bus company office in town.
Where does the Ica to Lima bus arrive?
At the bus company office or agency.
What are the ticket policies?
It depends on the carrier you choose, but their specific policies can be previewed during checkout or in the summaries printed on your ticket email. For a general overview, see the Ticket Policy page.

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