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on: 2022-06-13

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Bus from Ipiales to Bogota

Las Lajas church in Ipiales

Colombia is a large country and it attracts many travelers who are looking to take salsa classes, explore breathtaking landscapes, and try some of the best – if not the best – coffee in the world. 

Many travelers will start their journey into Colombia by taking a shared shuttle from Quito, Ecuador to Ipiales, Colombia. Once they cross the Ecuador-Colombia border, they usually visit places like Las Lajas church, a neo-gothic catholic church built hundreds of years ago over a steep ravine that attracts many pilgrims to witness this anti-gravity miracle.  

After a day or two in Ipiales, most travelers are used to using COP (Colombian Pesos) and ready to explore one of the largest cities in South America, Bogotá. Colombia’s capital is strategically located on a plain within the Andes mountain range, making it the perfect location for a city to grow. What does that mean for us travelers? Bogotá is a cosmopolitan city that is constantly expanding its experiences. It offers culture, music, history and a sampling of traditions from every corner in Colombia, all in a single city. Bogotá is the gate to exploring Colombia.

Getting to Bogotá is still a challenge but bus providers have done an excellent job improving their vehicles, with comforts like onboard WiFi, larger seats, and conveniently spaced rest stops for bathroom breaks and food. As locals are known to say, there’s no better “foodie” than a bus driver, so if you are ready to try traditional Colombian food, just order something at the restaurant where the bus driver stopped for dinner or lunch. Caldo de costilla (ribs soup) or empanadas are a common delicacy. Others use the bus ride from Ipiales to Bogotá as the perfect time to journal about their time in Ecuador and plan their itinerary in Colombia.

All you need to know about buses in Colombia

Colombia’s buses are plentiful and everyone uses them to get everywhere in Colombia, as long as you have the right tools and some time to travel by land. After your time in Ecuador, where buses are not luxurious, Colombia and even Peru (both of which surround Ecuador) have bus coaches that are larger and more modern than the ones you'll encounter in Ecuador because in those countries the traveling distances are longer. 

Some bus companies are serious about regularly upgrading their fleets and you will be surprised to get on a beautifully modern vessel that stands out from the rest of the buses around it. It's near impossible to predict or strategize how to land a seat on one of these exceptional coaches, as bus companies usually offer a few seats on each trip. So, the best thing to do is book your seats several weeks in advance online. Generally, the longer the trip and if the origin and destination are large cities, like from Ipiales to Bogotá or Bogotá to Barranquilla, the more likely you could be treated to a better coach. Needless to say, the more travelers that ride buses, the more that bus companies will be able to upgrade their fleet, so consider your ride a contribution to the cause.

How long is the bus ride from Ipiales to Bogota?

The ride from Ipiales to Bogota will be a long one, spending about 22 hours on the road. It makes the perfect opportunity to see how nature changes from one region to another.  You can also spend the time planning your itinerary in other parts of Colombia, rest after the journey in Ecuador, or focus on reading that book you started several weeks ago. In between, you'll be treated to beautiful views of Valle del Cauca on sunny days, or the Andes mountains seen in the El Bordo, a curvy road mountain stretch of the highway. Some stops on the road will let you stretch your legs, and make a friend or two who will give you insight into the latest news or just what you’ve been curious about that’s passed by. Before you know it, you'll arrive in the capital city of more than 14 million inhabitants where culture and history mix with influences from around the world, the city of Bogotá!

How often do buses depart from Ipiales to Bogota?

Well, that's the tricky part. Technically, there are departures morning, afternoon, and night, but that doesn't mean they're all operational, available, or reservable. Some scheduled departures force you to pay for special prices as they are considered “extra” services. Others require a transfer in Cali. Several bus companies don't commit to operating the scheduled departure until a day in advance, or in some cases the day of the trip.

That's why we recommend you think about a range of flexible times, and that you reserve online as our agents know which bus companies are usually available and what companies to avoid when it comes to comfortability. Our agents have access to the back doors of the bus companies, so they can anticipate which buses have better seats and will get you on the most convenient coach.

Some travelers go to the bus terminal directly to get a bus ticket on the next bus ride, but as we have learned over the years, not every offer made by the bus office agent will be available on the next bus, so you have to know the cultural nuances and idiosyncrasies of how bus operators work. For example, if the clerk told you that there will be WiFi on the bus, it doesn’t mean that it will be turned on, or they may be referring to the fleet, not your particular bus, or that it operates only inside the circumference of large metropolitan areas.  The list is long of things like that. Let us deal with booking you on the best bets for your bus trip from Ipiales to Bogota, and you just focus on getting the time to rest and enjoy.

How much does the bus cost from Ipiales to Bogota?

Getting a bus ticket online will cost between $50 and $64 USD and includes us representing you to the bus company, so you have less bother at the terminal and a reserved seat on a top-notch vehicle. The cost of the service will be less than what you pay for a hotel and a food tour, so just get on the bus and get the time to rest and sleep. Before you know it, you will be exploring Bogotá.

Below is a list of places that you can see in Bogotá.

What to see in Bogota

Las Lajas church in Ipiales

1. Gold Museum

A must-see in Bogota is the Gold Museum in Santander Park. You will get happily lost among thousands of pieces of gold created by pre-Columbian civilizations such as the Quimbaya, the Tayrona, and the Calima.

The museum’s archaeological objects are made of metal, ceramics, stone, shells, wood, and textiles, all bearing witness to the life and thought of the indigenous societies that inhabited the territory of today's Colombia before its contact with Europe. There are more than 50,000 pieces on display. Admission is very affordable and well worth it. It is open every day except Mondays.

2. La Candelaria neighborhood

If you are just passing through or going to Bogotá for several days, we recommend you go for a walk through the neighborhood of La Candelaria, located in the historic center and one of the most beautiful corners of the city. Cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and a constant bustle are things that characterize it.

3. Plaza Bolivar

In the center of the neighborhood is the Plaza de Bolivar, you’ll find some of the most important buildings in this area of Bogotá: the neoclassical Cathedral of the La Inmaculada Concepcion, the Palace of Justice, City Hall, the National Capitol, and the Palacio Lievano.

4. Botero Museum

Another emblematic place in the capital of Colombia is the Botero Museum. It is located in a colonial house, where you can admire more than 100 paintings and sculptures by the world-renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero, as well as exhibitions of other painters such as Chagall, Dalí, Miró, and Picasso. The Botero Museum also has its own version of the Mona Lisa! 

The museum is open every day except Tuesdays and one of the conditions set by Fernando Botero for him to donate his works to the museum was that entrance to the museum would be free, and so it is!

5. Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park

You've probably heard that Bogotá is a somewhat chaotic city with heavy traffic, but the truth is that it also has many green areas to slow down and relax, and one of its most famous parks is the Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park.

The park is located at the foot of the eastern hills and surrounded by several colleges. So its most common inhabitants are students who go to spend their free time in the extensive gardens. The park has several monuments, including one dedicated to activist Rafael Uribe.

6. Monserrate Hill

The best views of Bogotá are probably from the top of the Cerro de Monserrate, at no less than 3,100 meters above sea level. Although it is possible to climb to it on foot, there are more comfortable ways to do it, like the cable car and the funicular.

Both leave from the same point and leave you at the top of the hill. Not only can you enjoy excellent views, but you can also visit a sanctuary where a figure of the "Moreneta" is kept, the black virgin of the Monastery of Montserrat.


Definitely don't pass up a trip from Ipiales to Bogotá, and get to Colombia’s capital and largest transportation hub. Spend a few days exploring the city, with both cultural and natural opportunities at your fingertips as you plan what’s next for your trip in Colombia. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's in the border of Colombia and Ecuador?
The city of Ipiales from where you can connect to Bogota, Colombia.
Where is Ipiales located?
It is at the Colombia-Ecuador border.
How long is the bus trip from Ipiales to Bogota?
Buses take about 22 hours to get to Bogota.
What are the ticket policies?
It depends on the carrier you choose, but their specific policies can be previewed during checkout or in the summaries printed on your ticket email. For a general overview, see the Ticket Policy page.

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