Transportation in French Guiana

Touring the only French-speaking country in South America


on: 16/05/23

by: Lisa Gembrini, AndesTransit

Land transportation let travelers experience the culture of French Guiana.

French Guiana Transportation

French Guiana stands out for its incredible landscape, as 90% of its territory is covered by the planet’s emerald, the Amazon rainforest. We want your experience to be amazing, so the AndesTransit team offers you a complete guide and assistance to fulfill your dream of getting to know French Guiana. We will take care of your transfers so that you can carry out all your activities with safety and tranquility in this beautiful natural territory. Discover all the means of transportation in French Guiana!

The French Connection of French Guiana

Located on the northern coast of South America, wedged between Brazil and Suriname, is this tropical territory that belongs to France. From the beginning, it was characterized by its incredible cultural variety, due to the combination of native indigenous culture, African culture, and, of course, French culture, but it was not until 1946 that it became a French overseas department. This means that tourists visiting must comply with the same regulations as when visiting France. If you are a history buff, log on to the official Cayenne site to learn more.

French Guiana’s incredible tropical biodiversity means that it is indeed a warm place, with a long rainy season between the months of May and July. Suggested months to enjoy this natural wonder without too much of the excessive heat and humidity are from August to November.

Routes to French Guiana

Cayenne is home to the Cayenne Rochambeau International Airport, and we suggest you book a private transfer in advance from the airport to the city. AndesTransit can help you with the reservation so that you can concentrate on enjoying your trip to the fullest.

Tourists also arrive in French Guiana by land and by water. The two bordering countries (Brazil and Suriname) have only one transit route, so the options for getting to and from those countries are very straightforward. Traveling through these countries you can get an even more amplified experience of the flora and fauna of the region.

Transportation from Brazil

When it comes to getting to French Guiana from Brazil, you have the option of public buses or, if you are looking for more comfort, you can also arrange private transportation.

To get to Cayenne from Brazil, you will have to go through the border crossing connecting the Brazilian city of Oiapoque with the Guyanese city of Oyapock, a stretch of no more than 10km. Both are very small towns, but have seen some development since the opening of the binational Brazil-Guianas bridge, which has been under construction since 2017. Upon crossing, there is a migration checkpoint. Once in Oyapock, you will be on the Eastern Route N2, which takes you straight to Cayenne, 190 km away.

Transportation from Suriname

From Suriname, the way to access French Guiana by land is actually first crossing a river by ferry from Albina. It takes 10 minutes and lands on the French Guiana side at Saint Laurent du Maroni dock. Remember to carry all the required documentation, and book your ticket in advance as transfers on the ferry fill up quickly if you are not prepared. The route from Paramaribo, Suriname to Albina is usually very busy, so purchasing tickets in advance is a good way to save both money and time. Keep in mind that when the ferry arrives in French Guiana, you will have to go through immigration to get your passport stamped, so we advise you to check that your papers are in order so you don’t hold up others in the line.

Once you have arrived in French Guiana, all you have to do is take an intercity bus to Cayenne via the Western Route N1. Likewise, if you want to go the other direction from French Guiana to Suriname, transportation from Cayenne to Paramaribo via bus is the best option. From AndesTransit, we suggest that you book your trips in advance to secure your trip and have more time to enjoy each South American city.

Activities in French Guiana

Don't miss the Salut Islands in Kourou and the notorious Devil’s Island, a large penal colony for political prisoners, of which only 25% survived their term. You can even arrive by sailboat and take a guided tour of the archipelago.

Visit Saint-Laurent and the Maroni River, part of the French Amazon, for an experience of the virgin rainforest and treks to see wildlife endemic to the area. Millions of hectares of forest around this area have been declared a protected reserve by the French government due to their particular and unparalleled beauty.

To soak up the culture of French Guiana, you can look for accommodation near the center of the country in Cayenne. When searching for a route within our system, AndesTransit helps you find the best accommodations and we even offer discounts so you have more to spend on your visit to the Cayenne Market, the Cathedral, the Botanical Gardens, Bourda Beach, Fort Ceperou, and much more!

Visit the Kourou Aerospace Center

For fans of space travel, French Guiana boasts a one-of-a-kind attraction. The Kourou Aerospace Center is one of the main attractions of French Guiana. From here, 80% of the world's satellites are launched. It is not possible to visit all the facilities, but there is a Space Museum which is fascinating. To take the tour at your own pace, private transportation is an excellent option for this experience or you can contact us to plan your trip using our free appointment service.

Carnival in French Guiana

If you don't have a travel date yet, you should also consider traveling during Carnival. The streets of Cayenne are filled with joy and color but are more accessible and decongested than the monstrous versions in Rio de Janeiro and Barranquilla. The historic center of the city hosts both locals and tourists in a celebration that mixes European and Latin sentiments.

It's time to make your reservation

We want to help you have the best possible experience on your trip, without mishaps and enjoying 100% your stay in French Guiana. So that you are always connected with us, you can sign up with the BusClub for further assistance. Contact us so we can help you with transfers to and within this wonderful natural jewel of French Guiana.

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