Transportation in Suriname

Getting around Holland’s Slice of the South America


on: 16/05/23

by: Alice Silva, Staff

Land transportation let travelers experience the culture of Suriname.

Suriname Transportation

Suriname is a South American country located in the north of the continent on the Caribbean sea, whose official language is Dutch. It is considered worldwide as an exotic and uncrowded natural paradise. If you are a nature-loving traveler and want to truly buck the tourist crowds, then Suriname is a perfect choice.

It is the smallest Latin American nation on the continent, but it stands apart from the others because of its cultural and religious diversity, as you can find up to three churches of different faiths on the same street! Its culture is varied due to its Asian, African and European influences, and the country draws from a wide variety of nationalities as well.

Land transportation in Suriname

Undoubtedly, the best way to get to know the country is by land transportation, and you have at least four different means of transportation to move around the country.

First of all, although it is possible to rent a car in Latin America, we don’t recommend it as renting a car can be excessively expensive and it is dangerous to drive alone. You can also find bicycles or cabs in Suriname as a means of transportation throughout the main cities from the moment you arrive. For private shuttles moving from city to city or to parks, it is suggested to coordinate and book transfers in advance to avoid high demand and consequently have your trip being overcharged by the driver.

Buses in Suriname are also widely used by locals and tourists alike, particularly in Paramaribo, the capital city. You can find shuttles or shuttle buses with different fares and schedules. To travel more comfortably and get a seat on these bus trips in Suriname, the best option is to get the ticket in advance if possible.

AndesTransit helps you find the best possible way to get around this small nation. With our "BusClub" service, travelers receive personalized transportation possibilities, saving them time and trouble and getting access to Suriname’s destinations with greater ease and affordable rates. BusClub members can count on assistance via WhatsApp and Email, help to find the best routes to the destination they want to reach, reports of the different destinations written by travel experts, discounts when requesting private transportation through the company, and much more!

Best places to visit in Suriname

The capital, Paramaribo, is full of interesting activities. If you love nature or are looking to learn more about the history of the country, right inside the city is the Pepperpot Nature Park and the Nieuw-Amsterdam Fort. There are hundreds of places to visit within these landmarks, but the highlights are the Arya Dewaker Temple and the Paramaribo Zoo.

The Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in 1885, but the most striking feature is its construction with cedar wood taken from the Amazon rainforest. It has a neo-Romanesque style mixed with neo-Gothic, making this place both imposing and unusually charming. The church is only 11 minutes away from the most important market of the city, and can be reached by different means of transportation in Paramaribo.

Another wonderful place to visit is the Brownsberg natural reserve located in the district of Brokopondo. It is a beautiful reserve with incredible waterfalls and hiking trails, giving you the opportunity to observe the diversity of endemic animal species that inhabit this corner of the Amazon. In addition, there are resorts in the reserve at which you can stay overnight or even for a few days.

Traveling from Suriname to Guyana

Suriname shares borders with French Guiana to the east, and Guyana to the west. If you want to go from Suriname to Guyana, the most common travel route is from Paramaribo to Guyana’s capital, Georgetown. To get there, take one of the buses that leave from the city's market to Nieuw Nickerie, a city bordering Guyana.

From Nieuw Nickerie, get your ticket from AndesTransit to make the river crossing by ferry to the other side in Guyana, Molson Creek.

Travelers then must pass through the immigration post before venturing further into the country. To get to the next stop, New Amsterdam, the best option is a cab from Molson Creek, and then from New Amsterdam, a bus to Georgetown. Once in the capital, take the opportunity to visit places like St. George's Cathedral and the Walter Roth Museum!

Traveling to French Guiana is very similar. Take the bus to Albina, Suriname then cross the river by ferry to the town of Saint-Laurent, French Guiana. From Saint-Laurent, all roads go to the capital, Cayenne.

AndesTransit wants you to have a unique and memorable experience in Suriname. With your itinerary defined and your reservations made in advance, you will be better prepared to deeply immerse yourself in this beautiful country and its surroundings, full of nature and history everywhere you go.

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