Train Transportation in Latin America

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on: 16/05/23

by: Lisa Gembrini, Staff

Travel by train in Latin America to visit wonderful villages and experience the culture

Train Transportation in Latin America

The means of transportation to travel in Latin America are not limited to bus, car and plane. We want to introduce you to the thoroughly unique and enjoyable alternative of train transportation in Latin America. This popular means of transportation is used in several countries of the region to transport cargo and passengers alike, making it one of the best means of transportation for its speed and economy.

In fact, in some countries in Latin America, locals prefer the train system as their means of transportation, even if it does not connect every corner that the bus system would. For example, entirely using the train, you can get all the way from Buenos Aires to Bariloche in Argentina. On the train you can get to many popular tourist sites, and enjoy watching wildlife as you go by as the rail goes through more remote areas far from the noise of constant traffic.

Train from Santiago to Chillan, Chile

Currently, the train system from Santiago to Chillan in Chile transports at least 230 thousand passengers a year on a 398-kilometer route that separates one Chilean region from the other, and is the fastest means of land transportation to move between these areas.

To travel by train from Santiago to Chillan saves at least an hour of travel, when compared to the service by bus or private vehicle. Once in Chillan, you will have the option of daily excursions such as climbing the Chillan volcano, or visiting the longest ski slope in the country called Las Tres Marias. For your convenience, you can book your train tickets on the AndesTransit platform for this and other train routes, as well as get quotes for travel throughout Chile, acquire information for getting around and making connections for the different destinations you want to reach.

The passenger train system in Chile continues to grow as the government works through a list of expansion projects, so look forward to more passenger routes and new destinations. The Chilean State Railway Company is managing the development of the project that will connect Santiago with the ports of Valparaiso and San Antonio, known as the "Santiago - Valparaiso Train".

Train from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, Argentina

Living the experience of traveling on the Patagonian Train is something you should not miss, as this is an unforgettable experience in which you can see how the landscapes change through the window accompanied by all the comfort and class that the train service offers, from cabins to first class services with comfortable, spacious, heated spaces and cafeteria service on board. All these options are available for booking at Andestransit.

Another advantage of this means of transportation is its special schedules and fares that can save you money. For example, train tickets to Bahia Blanca (southern Argentina) have seasonal discounts, which will be useful for you stretching out your budget to include seeing other sights nearby.

For train travel from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, there is now a project to link two passenger trains that are in operation, giving the possibility to thousands more tourists who travel this way to choose the railroad as their most economical way to move around Argentina.

Train from Bogota to Zipaquira, Colombia

Traveling by train in Bogota is designed more as a tourist attraction that takes you on a vintage experience from the capital city of more than 10 million inhabitants to a nearby wonder of nature, the largest salt reserves in the country. The train trip to Zipaquira is characterized not only by the comfort offered by the transportation units, but also by the experience that awaits you, as you leave the concrete jungle and start to see the imposing plains of the savannah of Bogota, while the mountains of Santander grow larger as the excited travelers approach the destination.

But, while the view is great, the real prize is in Zipaquira itself, as there you will encounter the spectacular Salt Cathedral and the Nemocon Mine, where you can enter another world of glowing natural colors and underground worship sanctuaries, ride subway down into mines, and leave the modern world behind you.

To get to know these impressive destinations, use AndesTransit's search tool to find out the fares and itineraries for traveling by train from Bogota to Zipaquira, and book your train ticket according to your preferences. This will save you from the long lines you'll find at the station on the day of your trip, and above all, you'll have enough peace to enjoy this spectacular Colombian route.

Train from Cusco to Machu Picchu, Peru

Traveling by train to Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, is entirely possible. There are two stations from which you can travel by train to Machu Picchu from Cusco: from Poroy, or from Ollantaytambo. Whichever route you take, you will arrive in Aguas Calientes, a small town where all the travelers arrive and from where you can reach the Inca ruins. Both options offer different packages and prices depending on your budget, especially for those who prefer the comfort and convenience of the bus. Remember that getting to Cusco from Lima is not a challenge, as you can go to AndesTransit and book departures for both day and night travel.

It should be noted that this destination is one of the most sought after, in fact everyone who goes to Peru wants to visit this place so rich in knowledge, history, and culture. So, train tickets in Peru are usually sold out weeks or even months in advance. To avoid the hassle, or being forced to make the trip walking for three days, we recommend booking your train ticket a few months before your trip. If you search early, you can find your train ticket to Machu Picchu at lower prices, because there are usually discounts at certain times of the year.

Cusco is the favorite destination of millions of tourists and travelers from around the world, and for many of them, AndesTransit is the favorite tool to plan their trip, book tickets and above all make the most of visiting the Inca territory. If you want personalized help and discounts for your trip, subscribe to the BusClub, and then just enjoy the trip while AndesTransit takes care of travel hassles.

Recommendations for traveling by train in Latin America

All aboard the trains in Latin America! Now that you have read about some of the most enigmatic, wild and unique train routes in the region, don't forget to take into account these recommendations to enjoy your trip even more:

  • Avoid excess luggage and take only what you need when traveling by train. Some hotels in the departure city will allow you to store your luggage for a few days while you visit other places by train.
  • Take your time. Although it may be a last minute trip, traveling by train is the best way to disconnect from the busyness of travel. Don't rush your experiences, and use all your senses to savor what the train introduces you to.
  • Locate the departure station so that on the day of your trip you arrive directly with your ticket and avoid the lines. When you buy at AndesTransit, we will send you your ticket along with the departure address of the service to avoid problems.
  • Now you are ready and know everything you need to travel by train in Latin America. Use the search engine below to find your tickets and let the adventure on the rails begin.

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