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Traversing the land of the South American cowboys


on: 20/04/22

by: Joaquin Russo, Staff

Travel on a bus to explore Uruguay.

Uruguay Transportation

Despite it being the second smallest country in South America, the size of Uruguay's territory does not hinder travelers looking to discover the traditions and customs this part of the continent has to offer. South America's cowboys known as gauchos are Uruguay's iconic representatives, and thanks to the country's ample bus system, you can travel the hills and grasslands to every corner of Uruguay the cowboys meander.

Formally referred to as the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, there are some amazing sights around the country that tourists should not fail to include in their itinerary.

Getting there: the best transportation to travel to Uruguay

Thanks to the vast road network and diverse means of transportation in the countries surrounding Uruguay, it is actually fun just getting there. Whether you travel to Uruguay to visit its gaucho cowboy ranches, ambrosial coasts, cosmopolitan capital, quaint colonial towns, or its romantic vineyards, we assure you that the transportation aspect is not going to be something to worry about.

Uruguay is very close to Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as worthwhile trip from capitals in other adjoining countries like Asunción, Paraguay or São Paolo, Brazil. You can travel from Argentina, for example, utilizing high-speed ferries that cross the bay separating Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Many travelers also take the bus to Uruguay as a next destination from the not-so-distant but famous Foz do Iguacu waterfalls that straddle the border of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

Getting around: transportation across Uruguay

The most utilized means of transportation inside Uruguay is also the bus (sometimes referred to as autobus, coche, unidad, onibus, or minibus), allowing travelers a reliable and economic way to visit the most popular tourist sights or to access the small towns and national parks across the country that are never more than a few hours away from the capital.

Inside the cities, the buses of the urban and interurban public transport system are maintained well and safe for getting around town. While Uruguay is reputed to be an expensive place to travel, the bus provides a way to keep costs down and see how normal Uruguayan citizens interact with each other in a very typical setting.

In the last year, many buses in Montevideo have been upgraded to 100% electric vehicles, reducing both air and noise pollution and without increasing fares. This has delighted travelers from overseas who are increasingly demanding more 'green' forms of transportation that cause less of a carbon impact on the sights they want to see.

Even more, foreign travelers often comment on how friendly the treatment is they receive from the staff working aboard, making sure passengers are comfortable, safe and don't overspend going too off-course.

As far as trains, be advised that the train service in the metropolitan area of Montevideo is currently suspended for at least three years while the Central Railway administration undertakes major infrastructure projects.

How to get tickets to travel in Uruguay?

To get the best assistance in booking public and private transportation in Latin America that is also friendly to your pocket, just go to the AndesTransit home page and enter your starting and ending point. As long as the two points are within Latin America and can be connected by land or water, the app will load a list of itineraries for you to choose from across a range of prices and itineraries. Then, just pick your selection and check out to make your reservation.

The most popular cross-border route into or out of Uruguay, for example, is to get a ticket on board a ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo.

Or, if you're interested in hopping in and about different Uruguayan cities like going from Paysandu to the hot springs at Termal del Dayman, you can get a seat reserved in advance and your ticket delivered to your email inbox with precise instructions where to catch the bus.

Another option, if public transportation is not your style, is to choose the Private search mode so that AndesTransit only shows you the options for traveling in a small car or van exclusively reserved for you and your itinerary.

Go sightseeing and discover Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento, Concepción del Uruguay, Maldonado, San José, La Paloma and Punta del Diablo are just some of the many destinations our Uruguay Transportation services can get you to at a price much lower than you'll get through tour packages. Plus, the best thing is that with Uruguay being a small country, most of the trips do not require more than six hours and that gives you more time to interact with the national rioplatense traditions, cheer on with passionate locals at a town soccer game, share a yerba mate, or taste some tortas fritas or a good asado at a wayside bistro.

The Eastern Republic of Uruguay is sandwiched between two other great countries, Argentina and Brazil, that usually get all the attention, but which also share some customs and traditions you'll experience in Uruguay. In fact, most of the tourists that Uruguay receives are Argentineans and Brazilians. So, expect to find that tango dancing is just as big of a deal in Uruguay as it is in Argentina, and that just the same as in Brazil, you'll be exposed to a love for barbecues (asado).

Whatever you do, don't rush yourself in Uruguay or feel you have to stick to the tourist crowd. You can afford to go at a leisurely pace by bus, absorb the landscape and the people, history, and traditions that are part of it. You'll treasure Uruguay by bus because its charm is it doesn't consume much of your time getting from here to there, and seeing some cowboys along the way!

Traveling from Uruguay to other countries in South America

You can also learn about the itineraries and costs of cross-border or international transportation offered by AndesTransit from Uruguay to other countries such as Argentina or Brazil. Check the most popular routes: Montevideo to Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo to Rosario (Argentina), Punta del Este to Porto Alegre (Brazil), Colonia to Mar del Plata (Argentina) or Montevideo to Foz do Iguacu (Brazil).

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