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About AndesTransit

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AndesTransit® LLC is the #1 schedule and ticket hub for bus, train, and ferry travel across South and Central America.


In addition to our flagship site,, we power popular travel schedule and information sites like,,,,,, and several other brands in our family.


How we started


Like where any good dreams could start, our founder Kali Kucera was standing on the side of the road in Ecuador in 2007 waiting for a bus.  He was perplexed by the lack of information about when the next bus would come.  When he went to Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, he realized he faced the same dilemma there too.  In fact, all over South America, it was the same problem until he realized the problem was just an opportunity.


Eventually, he gathered together a crew of restless data geeks and veteran independent travelers, and they put their heads together to create a muscular platform covering all countries in South and Central America, making it possible in just a few seconds for a traveler to get an itinerary between even the smallest pueblos on opposite sides of the continent.


Our positioning


AndesTransit is unique in the industry in our agnostic approach to bus companies.  We strive to represent all of them equally and publish as many schedules we can discover to give travelers the power of choice.  This is also the basis of our rapid growth, as we have bypassed more traditional vendor partnerships in favor of community-based information collection and dissemination.


Why we do it: Our core principles


1. We believe that Slow Travel is Better Travel. The most fulfilling and life-changing experiences of South and Central America can not be grasped by flying over them on a quick tour of a continent simply to knock off a 'bucket list'. The magic is found going through South America by land, seeing the landscape and life of its people blending together in their ordinary routines until the rhythm sinks into your body and soul.


2. In Latin America, Everyone Takes the Bus! While airlines are plenty busy, they pale in comparison to how many people travel by bus.  That is why there are well over a thousand bus companies out there, many of which we don't even know about yet.  To not take the bus yourself is depriving you of learning how people of Latin culture move and make their ordinary and daily journeys.


3. The best places You Can Only Get There By Bus. The travel industry across South America focuses its energy on just 2% of the continent, and we don't dispute that the 2% are great places.  But the other 98% has phenomenal attractions too, and most of those can't be reached by a plane, and most get you away from just following the tourist crowd.  So why not help you to get there?


4. Bus Travel is the Future. As our economies get more challenged and we burn our way through fossil fuels, airlines will only get more expensive and harder to get off the ground.  Meanwhile, land-travel has a much easier path of onboarding ecological fuel solutions and improving in both safety and performance.  It will rapidly outpace airlines in helping travelers get from one point to the other at an affordable fare and predictable schedule.  


Want to know more?


If you still are not finding what you need, please feel free to ask a question in our Bus Chat Café where you can find many answers to frequenty asked questions or post a followup question of your own. 


If you have business or investment interests in AndesTransit, we also have a portfolio of relevant material that could be of interest to you.  Just visit our Business and Investors page to get started.


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