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About AndesTransit Team

Business Development

Kali Kucera (President & Chief Geographer)

Melinda Serrano (Business Manager)

Anne Gilliam (Team Assistant)

Travel Planning & Fulfillment

Dee Innmark-Beltran (Sr. Trip Planner)

Daniel Rodriguez (Sr. Trip Planner)

Tim Dunne (Trip Planner)

Noreen Baxter (Trip Planner)

Ashton Parke (Trip Planner)

Teresa Oquendo (Trip Planner)



Vivek Malik

Manuel Garza

Leo Telemann

Technical Research & Development

Vlad-Razvan Andronache (Technical Fellow)

Gennadiy Bahtiguzin (Developer)

Alexander Alyabushev (Developer)

Shankey Gulati (Designer)



Court Heathering (Editor)

Lorraine Caputo (Writer)

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