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Compare to Air

We are pleased to announce a new feature exclusively for travelers in Colombia, by which you can now compare bus routes to air routes to and from Colombia's major cities, and choose the winning fare!


It's true, sometimes taking a plane to your destination is cheaper than the bus, if you abide by certain rules and refrain from frills. Now you can use AndesTransit to battle the bus versus the plane, and see which one is best for you.


Compare to Air applies to routes between the following cities:
Bogotá - Bucaramanga - Cartagena - Lima (Peru) - Medellín - Montería - Panamá City (Panama) - Pereira - San Andrés - Santa Marta -  Valledupar


How it works:


Super simple!  Just run a search for a route like you normally do on AndesTransit, select a date from the calendar, and at the top you will get the bus routes.  If there are air routes matching your query, you'll see just beneath the bus schedules a new tab like this:



Click on the Air tab, and you will see air routes, and just as you would for bus tickets, you can proceed to order an air ticket if the price or schedule is a better fit for your plans.


Prices for air tickets are shown in Colombian Pesos, but if you want to get the amount in dollars so you can compare it to the bus prices, simply hover over the air ticket price to see the converted amount in USD or a number of other currencies!


What about those "frills"? 


The price shown in the Air results is the base price, no frills or extras.  But, you can add them on as you proceed through checkout.  If you have luggage, or if you want to check-in at the airport instead of online, or a strange musical instrument to bring, no problem.  Just check those items into your shopping cart and the increased price will be displayed automatically to inform you of your total fare.  You can just as easily click them off if you change your mind.


How do I get the ticket, and check in?


Just the same as a bus ticket, we send it to you by email.  Check-in is free if you do it online before you travel, but if you want to check-in at the counter at the airport, there is an extra fee that you can add to your purchase (that's one of those "frills").


Are there conditions for changes or refunds?


Yes, the same as you would encounter for buses.  There are conditions by which you can change or get a refund for no extra charge, and if you don't meet those conditions it's possible you can still change or get a refund with an administration fee.  The terms and conditions for your route are displayed during checkout, so review them carefully.


Go ahead and give Compare to Air a try, and may the best form of transport win!



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