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Kali Kucera - yes, he does actually talk on the phone!

C’mon, you’re making me blush!


Nothing excites me more than helping travelers find hidden treasure, which means often I have to go out and find it first, and that means it’s easier to run into me in a bus station than get me on the phone.

My team is great for handling most everything you need, so if you reaaalllly want to get a hold of me personally, no problem, just...


A few guidelines:


1. It may take up to a week to get back to you.

2. Visit Partnering with AndesTransit page, and choose the option "Invite Kali to speak at your Event" and add a few details related to your inquiry.

3. I can only make time for personal conversations for the following inquiries:

a. You want me to keynote your event. I keynote for free, and only require you to provide travel tickets and lodging. If you want me to do a non-keynote speech (e.g., a seminar, lead-up, panel, focus area, etc.), I will quote you an honorarium in addition to requiring travel & lodging.

b. You are a major media outlet and would like an interview. Just make sure you let us know your deadline, of course.

c. You are interested in me exclusively authoring a guest blog on a topic relevant to my expertise; or wish to underwrite an investigative travel expedition relevant to my expertise. Conditions apply to either of these situations that we would discuss.

d. You want to affiliate with our company or discuss some other type of major partnership arrangement.

4. If you’re inquiring for any other reason, visit our Contact Center where you can locate frequently asked questions, pose a question of your own or find more about your specific inquiry.

5. A team member will schedule you an appointment with me for a one-time Skype or Google Meet 20-minute block of time. I don’t retain contacts in Skype/GM after the appointment, so if you need a followup conversation you just need to start with the contact form again and reinitiate the whole appointment process.


I apologize that I cannot make time for the following:


1. Personal advice for your trip. We as a team, however, have several other channels of doing this, such as Trip Planning with an agent, Specialized Assistance, which includes promo and deals-hunters, bus or shuttle arrangements, and social media sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Do anything you can find by using our search engine, reading our FAQs on the Contact Center, or reading our blog posts. In other words, I can’t spend time with you regurgitating information we have already published for free unless of course, you’re looking for a different spin on it.

3. Republish press releases or news stories, or free advertising. None of our team will do this. This is what Twitter is for, and we DO re-tweet and share really good stuff in our newsletter from Twitter if it’s relevant to our core subject area of South American land-based travel for independent and budget travelers.


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