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Do you want to cross the Colombia-Ecuador border?... Check your Options

March 10th, 2021

What does Post-Pandemic Travel in Latin America looks like and Why (Pinterest)

Due to the current global health pandemic, Colombia and Ecuador had originally decided to close their borders as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus. This situation left many travelers stranded and canceled the plans of many who needed to travel between Ecuador and Colombia.

In mid-June, authorities of the two countries decided to begin a gradual easing of the border closure, and to begin they have opened it as a humanitarian corridor to let their respective citizens to come home according to a qualifying process.

Every qualifying traveler is assigned a specific date and hour to cross the border. AndesTransit supplies a service for supporting the transportation needs of this agreement and related process.

If you want to follow news related to the border status, check LatinBus News or get a Rookie, Explorer or Rover plan to get assistance today to explore options.

What do you need to travel?

If you are looking to travel between Colombia and Ecuador, take the following into consideration:

1) Get authorization from the embassy or consulate to enter their territory.  For example, the Ecuadorian embassy in Colombia, or the Colombian embassy in Ecuador.
2) Contact AndesTransit to pick you up with private transportation from the border, or to the border as needed.
3) Make sure to meet the criteria to be authorized to travel on domestic transportation. 

Important:  This is not tourism travel, which is still restricted, and so you need to keep in mind that the embassies will only authorize travel for "humanitarian reasons."

How much should you expect to pay?

Depending on the length of your trip and special needs requested, you can use the following ranges for planning purposes.  Prices are higher than normal times as most trips during this public health crisis must be arranged privately and limited to individuals and their immediate family.

– Budget: $150
– Intermediate: $350
– Full-Assistance (adds administrative migration assistance to transportation): $500

Important: Trips to Cali and Bogota are in high demand, but the embassies require people to utilize private drivers.

*Our full Border Crossing Kit is constantly updated and includes:

–A detailed list of requirements you need to gather in order to get the permit to cross the border
– Forms and affidavits required for submission to various authorities
–Tips on how to better understand the processes involved so they end up less confusing.

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