South America Borders (for Affiliates)

South America Borders

Not your ordinary travel guide, South America Borders is chock full of information on the specific subject of the myriad of entry and exit points from one country to another in South America, getting travelers off the tourist trail and on to some really cool adventures. Principally written by veteran South America land-based travelers and writers Kali Kucera and Lorraine Caputo, it also includes contributions from several other tour guides, outfitters, and similar travel professionals we have met along our way, and their advice is often that small bit that is incredibly instrumental in making the difference between getting over the border or not.

Product Format

e-book .pdf (.mobi also available on request)

Suggested keywords

"border guide", "south america travel", "border crossings", "south america backpacking", "south america budget travel", "from chile to argentina", "from colombia to ecuador", "from peru to bolivia", "hiking south america"

Promotion Tips:

We primarily cater to travelers who are independent (i.e., they avoid packaged tours), do-it-yourselfers, lower budget, hikers, anti-tourist crowd, and generally have travel plans for longer than 2 weeks,  We include information on land-based travel only (bus, train, water taxi, hiking), and are targeting readers traveling with devices for mobile reading. 

Some Sample Testimonials:

"A wealth in good information. Thank you! I had previous knowledge that Che Guevara traveled across South America before he was to attend med school... that changed the trajectory of his life immensely. So I wanted to follow along the same path he went...this book provided the blueprint for my success." C. Quilaneta

"Great book! I personally tend to spend a low budget on trips when it comes to going out of the country, and this book explains all the benefits and information." Rocker1112

"A Must Have! After reading this, I realized I was extremely ill prepared for my hike. I do believe I will make plans in the future to attack South America!" Jesse

"Great Insight on Traveling Cheap!" Marry Jane

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