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Interactive Digital Ebook, $4.49 on Amazon

An essential companion for South American explorers!

Get off the beaten trail and cross from country to country with confidence. Veteran South America experts Kali Kucera, Lorraine Caputo, and Jonny Blair are enthusiastically on your side and bring you this ground-breaking book South America Borders.

Packed with information about a myriad of entry and exit points from one country to another, we let you be a true explorer, equipped to get away from the tourist hordes and through the back doors of South America!

All our documentation is thoroughly researched, and we only recommend legal crossings that are known to be safe.

Learn from the best. AndesTransit is South America's #1 transportation schedule lookup, including buses, trains, and water taxis, specializing in outreach to independent do-it-yourself travelers and the anti-tourist crowd.

In addition, we include in South America Borders advice on taxis, minibusses, cargo ships, yachts, shuttles, and any other type of transport necessary to get you through these often crazily busy and bureaucratic crossings. 

Want to hike over the pass from Chile to Argentina? Zoom on a speedboat on the triple border between Peru, Brazil, and Colombia?  Take the train from Tacna to Arica?  Sail with the cargo ships from Panama to Colombia? Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname?  We got it and so much more.  

180 pages  on more than 40 crossings throughout South America that:

>> talk you through the exact pathways and steps from one side of the border to the other
>> explain what documentation you need and where to find the consulate
>> noted warnings or localized differences of particular crossings 
>> watch videos to get a close-up view of the crossing or the immediate terrain.
>> get a birds-eye view of the crossing route with our USGS maps
>> plan ahead with our cross-reference tables by transportation type, visa/cost comparisons, and crossing time planner.

Our chief authors Kali Kucera and Lorraine Caputo bring their vast knowledge on visa and passport requirements at each border, bizarre surprises like 'reciprocity taxes', exit fees, and where the immigration and consul offices are located.

Price: $4.49 USD on