Ticket Policies

Order Process

The order process is very simple, but to better protect you, we divide processing into two methods, Expedited and Check First.   The basic difference between them is whether your trip is more than or less than seven days from your date of purchase.

  • Expedited: If your trip is more than seven days in advance, your purchase of the ticket will be immediately responded to with a receipt reflecting that you were charged for the ticket and the amount.  The receipt is not the ticket.  The ticket is a separate mail with an attachment, that usually follows right behind the receipt but never more than 8 hours.  If your ticket cannot be fulfilled within 8 hours due to some complication from the carrier, we will notify you by email and issue you a full refund. 
  • Check First: If your trip is less than seven days in advance, you will be prompted to check with us first for availability of seats before proceeding with your checkout. We will then respond either with a link to proceed if there's no problem, or advice on modifying the reservation is there is in fact a problem.  You can then move forward with purchasing a ticket or not, and if you do, it would be the same as the Expedited method.

Your ticket mail will have the ticket attached, and other information like where to board the bus, a map, photo orientation, advice on luggage and border crossings, etc., so that you get all the basics you need before and during your trip.

For all ticket orders, we require passenger data to transmit to the carrier. This will be requested of you on the ticket order page, and will include data such as your name, passport number, date of birth, occupation, address, etc. This information is exclusively for the purpose of the carrier’s passenger manifest and the country’s immigration and customs officials, and is not used for any other purpose by AndesTransit.

The fees we collect in your ticket order include the price of the ticket and all applicable fees, taxes, and service charges. They do not include your discretionary expenses during the trip, such as snacks or meals outside what is provided by the carrier, fees for consumption of optional services, or any other modifications you make to the itinerary past the point of purchase.

How to Purchase

AndesTransit only accepts ticket orders through its online store, accompanied and supported by email during the process.

We do not accept purchasing of tickets by COD, telephone, chat, SMS, or walk-ins.

Reservation Only Service

For a few carriers, we also provide a reservation only service, for which we charge a nominal and non-refundable fee. You then pay the carrier directly upon arrival for your reserved seat. Itineraries for which this is applicable will be seen in AndesTransit.com search results with the link ‘Reservation Only’. We do not provide Reservation Service in any other circumstance.

Seat Guarantee

In the vast majority of cases, the seat you reserve through AndesTransit will be granted upon your boarding the transport, without issue. We cannot, however, guarantee it, and in some extremely rare cases beyond our control, a carrier may overbook and be forced to manage your reassignment upon arrival, or reject our reservation upon finding an error after the transaction has been made. Because these rare circumstances are beyond our control, AndesTransit cannot be held responsible, but will make every effort to participate with the carrier to honor your general reservation in another seat and resume your trip with as little delay as possible. If, however, a seat reservation is rejected by the carrier during our transaction of the ticket, you will not be charged for the ticket or it will be refunded to you.


In average, 20 kilos are the standard limit for luggage. However, carriers have widely different standards and how they apply them, including where the luggage must be stored, types of luggage allowed or not allowed, and policies for claims for lost luggage. AndesTransit has no responsibility or involvement with regard to luggage, and it is therefore entirely a matter between you, the passenger, and the carrier.

Advance Arrival

Depending on the carrier, the country, or the length of the trip, you are required to be at the point of departure a minimum of 30 minutes beforehand, and a maximum of 120 minutes.

Seasonal Restrictions

Climactic and weather conditions change the availability of transportation service during certain parts of the year, and therefore schedules are subject to change during those seasons. Schedule information on AndesTransit.com may or may not reflect the current season or conditions, and you may be purchasing a ticket during a season different than the season of your actual date of travel.

In addition, in many countries, prices for tickets vary between high season and low season, which may not be immediately updated in AndesTransit.com search results, and some carriers choose not to change their prices when their competitors do. It is therefore, a highly dynamic and situational market that we cannot perfectly predict, and we update our prices to each carrier’s latest fares as soon as we are able.

Forms of Payment and Payment Restrictions

We accept payment by most major credit cards, as well as PayPal, and transactions are secured by RapidSSL encryption technology.

The trip planner, at their sole discretion, may advise that sending you a PayPal invoice would be more beneficial in terms of efficiency, but in this circumstance we would still require the invoice to be paid before we can provide you the tickets.

We do not accept purchasing of tickets by COD, phone, chat, SMS, or walk-ins.

Your e-Ticket Voucher

The document you receive by email when your transaction is complete is not your boarding pass.  It is a document certifying your reservation, similar to any airline. You further then supply that "e-ticket" to the carrier at their office or ticket window, and they exchange it for a boarding pass or receipt, or simply allow you to board without further procedure or documents.

Changing Your Reservation

Changing your reservation or details of your ticket itinerary is neither cancelling nor requesting a refund, but an act of sustaining the procured transaction with a different itinerary. AndesTransit supports changing your reservation to the extent of the individual carrier's policies. If the carrier cannot accommodate your requested change, the administration fee will not be charged, but your original ticket(s) will remain in effect. Please use the Change Request Helper on the upper right corner of this page to investigate the policies for your own particular ticket.

Cancellations & Refunds for Tickets (does not include shipped or downloadable digital goods)
International tickets:

All international tickets (tickets that involve crossing an international border) are by default non-refundable by AndesTransit. This is principally due to the fact that an international ticket includes several direct or implied legal/visa responsibilities upon you as a passenger of which we cannot be a part. Once we send you your ticket(s), the entire management of your ticket is between you (the passenger) and the carrier. Different carriers have differing policies and execution of policies in regards to itinerary changes, visa compliance, and other issues, that AndesTransit cannot control. You may still be able to negotiate a variety of other options with your carrier to change the date or route of your trip on their route network, and you would do this directly with the carrier in accordance with their own restrictions and limitations, and paying them any penalties they require. Please use the Change Request Helper on the upper right corner of this page to investigate the policies for your own particular ticket.

Domestic tickets:

AndesTransit will provide refunds for domestic trips if your carrier has a domestic refund policy. A domestic trip is one that originates and ends within the boundaries of a single country. Use the Change Request Helper on the upper right corner of this page to investigate the policies for your own particular ticket. If the domestic refund is supported by your carrier, we will only refund to the original payment method that you used when placing the order, and in accordance with the terms and conditions on record for that carrier (use the Change Request Helper to see what those are for your ticket). In all cases, a retention penalty ranging from 25-35% of the ticket prices plus a $7 administration fee will be deducted from your refund, and the process takes up to eight (8) weeks, but usually as short as two weeks.

We will not refund passengers if they are unable to board the transport for any of the following reasons: 1) failure to submit required documentation (passports, identity cards, or other certifying the legality of their stay in the country); 2) presenting invalid or expired documents; 3) failure to comply with the laws of the country; or 4) any other reason not caused by the carrier or by AndesTransit.