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What Travelers are saying about AndesTransit...


We finally arrived to Banos, and AndesTransit helped us all the way!

Tessa Cole


Your customer service is great – You really explained every single detail and helped me a lot!

Karina Kaaihuee


I was recommended to use for my trip to Chile, no regrets!

Mathie Noordem

The Netherlands

Great service you guys provide! It made our trip so much easier.

Mark Kelsken & Lois Dilsenke


Sooooo nach ein wenig suchen ist mir VIELLEICHT der große Wurf gelungen, hab folgendes entdeckt: Auf gibt es eeine Suche für Peru / Bolivien / Ecuador / Kolumbien und der kombiniert sogar Linien und bildet daraus mögliche Fahrpläne.


Es gibt auch internationale Busse in die Nachbarländer Kolumbien und Peru. So geht es beispielweise mit dem Bus von Quito nach Bogota (Kolumbien) in ca. 36 Stunden. Richtung Süden geht es via Guayaquil mit dem Bus auch nach Lima in Peru. Eine weitere hilfreiche Quelle für internationale Bustickets in der Region ist


Our trip today was perfect. Thank you for your attention to detail. We will use you again in the future and recommend you to our friends.

Robert Frisenda


I highly recommend everyone who is planning a trip to confirm the information found on Internet, last month I was in Ecuador and in spite of the fact I already know Ecuador Schedules I have decided to use because it has more routes and more details about each route.

Stefy Buritica


My girlfriend and I are fans of to get around every corner of Ecuador on our mission trips, and learned a lot from Joaquin and his folks when we wanted to take the bus all the way from Cuenca to Uyuni, Bolivia.

Ashton Senn

"Tudo e perfecto! Thanks for all the support"

Joseph Parisi


"You folks have done a wonderful job. Our group is very pleased. You can be sure we will recommend you to our friends. We are traveling to Peru this summer and will certainly use you service as needed."

Lee Cohn, USA

"You guys are the best, thanks for all the support with my request"

Louis Myrick, USA


"Wow, this is a super service! Thanks for your quick and informative responses."


Trinidad and Tobago

"You Rock!"

Jacquie Whitt, Adios Adventure Travel, USA

"Muchas gracias por su pronta respuesta. Llevamos mas de dos semanas intentando averiguar esta información y no tenemos resultados."

Tony and Maria, Spain

"You are all fabulous! I wish I could hug you!!"

Leslie Baxter, Colorado, USA

Ticket Buyer

"I just wanted to say your company and assistance was amazing. Couldn't recommend you enough to people. Was so easy to just follow all your instructions getting all the way to Guayaquil. Will definitely pass your card onto those who I meet on my travels."

Mark Ahrens, Australia

"Top-notch service with AndesTransit and their providers in Ecuador. Our trip from Alausi to Cuenca was delightful"

Martha, USA

"I am planning a trip around Colombia and found a site,, that has great information on bus schedules."


On Lonely Planet

"AndesTransit helped me when I was planning my first trip to Ecuador, 6 months later I ended up living in Ecuador and using them regularly"

Luka Ferrara, Rome, Italy

on TripAdvisor

"Awesome! For the life of me, my friend and I couldn't figure out how to get the outback of Ecuador to go hiking, and my short visit with Kali was SO timely and helpful. We would have never gotten there without his brain on our side and on our budget!"

Zack, Cincinatti, Ohi


"When you're around Ecuador go to: and there you can find a lot of information about buses, routes, companies, times, schedules, everything!"



"It is good to see that someone put together a reliable source for bus schedules in Ecuador and Latin America. I enjoyed getting specialized assistance through the BusClub program.

Tom Brown, USA

"Kali's got a lot of good advice and helped me find several options to get around in Colombia.  I had no idea there are so many bus companies!  But it was great fun!"

Nancy, Canberra, Australia

Canberra, Australia


"A todos los viajeros que quieran viajar entre Colombia y Ecuador durante la pandemia, les recomiendo AndesTransit"

Nicolas Rios, Pereira, Colombia


"Te recomiendo AndesTransit allí puedes seleccionar el lugar de partida, el lugar de destino y el buscador te da varias opciones posibles, con diferentes empresas y obviamente a diferentes precios... simplemente tienes que tener los luageres que quieres visitar claros y luego realizar las búsquedas."

Ferrito, Argentina


If you don't have a car I recommend you to visit: here there're tons of information about buses around Colombia, routes, companies, schedules, trip times, etc.

Guillermo Castiblanco, Cali, Colombia


"Kολομβία, Εκουαδόρ, Περού, Βολιβία:"

taxidiaris88, Greece


"It is amazing how AndesTransit makes custom itineraries inclduing even those small towns. I recommed you checl for your next trip"

Sandra, La Paz, Bolivia


"Southern Colombia is a gorgeous part of the planet. You should stop for a few days. Try this website: []."


On Lonely Planet