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Vault Research Request

Private research report drawn from Kali's Vault, concerning the requested information about public transportation of an unpublished route.
Price: €38.71


* Departure point and schedule information
* Contact information of local operator
* Health or security advisories if warranted
* Address and Maps of departure point and route
* Return route or exit information


* We cannot provide assistance for your trip after report delivery.
* We cannot guarantee the information won't change by the time of your trip.  Please be flexible to changing conditions on the ground.  However, you can gain research rebates in the form of up to 50% refund if you contribute corrections or qualifications to the Vault as the result of discoveries on your trip.  Details provided in your research report.

PayPal payments (recommended) are placed on hold until we make an initial determination if the report can be delivered.
Credit card payments are immediately charged but are 95% refunded if we determine a report cannot be adequately delivered for the request.