Rainforest Partnership is an initiative to protect and regenerate tropical rainforests, now and forever. It is achieved through community-based projects that enable durable and sustainable rainforest protection.

Why the rainforest?

Rainforests are vital to the survival of all humankind and are complex ecosystems that protect our planet. Sadly, they are threatened due to unplanned demographic development and industry growth.

Community Approach

Rainforest Partnership provides communities with alternatives to deforestation, keeping a constant eye on outcomes. Rainforest Partnership integrates its technical expertise with indigenous culture and knowledge in designing income-generating projects that sustain the rainforest and the people who live in them.

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Slow Travel to Save the Rainforest

At AndesTransit, we want to introduce you to the rainforest up close and personal.

Flying over the rainforest tends to objectify and abstract it. Traveling by bus not only helps you appreciate the scale and fragility of the fauna and flora that make up the rainforest, but the people who live within it and have cared for it for generations. Slow travel viscerally immerses you into how the environment and human communities are struggling to keep our global treasure from disappearing.

Come see the rainforest, and become all the more its partner.

Our effort to enlist slow travelers is also a mission to enlist conscious and caring travelers; to give them experiences that meet the earth and the cultures that are woven into it. Our hope is you will join us as an advocate for achievable measures, like persuading ground transportation companies to transition away from fossil fuels to instead power their fleets with practical alternatives like biofuels and solar.

Every day, it becomes more important for people and nature to work together. This union will save the future of our planet. Rainforest Partnership is an organization that provides the foundation and resources to empower and respect both people and nature. We are partnering with AndesTransit to fund the conservation and restoration of tropical rainforests and all their communities.

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Rainforest Partnership

How can you get involved?

Every purchase you make on AndesTransit can include a donation that benefits Rainforest Partnership projects. Here is how:

1. Choose your trip

Thousands of bus options

With more than 800 bus companies, thousands of routes and infinite bus schedules, check and book your bus trip with Every purchase gives you the opportunity to breathe life into the lungs of the world.

2. Check-out 

Give what you want

During your online purchase transaction of a ticket, you have the option to separately donate $5, $10 or $20 to Rainforest Partnerhip.

Every donation goes entirely to Rainforest Partnership in the name of "The AndesTransit Traveling Community." If you would like instead to have your donation be made in your name for tax purposes, please reply to your receipt email when your transaction is complete and we will coordinate with the Rainforest Partnership team to send you a formal letter of acknowledgement.

3. Benefits

What next?

1. Donating to Rainforest Partnership with your AndesTransit ticket sends an important message of kinship to rainforest communities that we hope you take time to visit.

2. Partnering with AndesTransit LLC plus Rainforest Partnership brings you personally into the partnership too, and anonymously by default. As the class donor "AndesTransit Traveling Community", we protect your privacy from spam or marketing communications.

3. With your donation, Rainforest Partnership is enabled to implement its projects that both protect the environment and the lives of those struggling to keep it a paradise.


1. AndesTransit LLC with its digital platform ( acts as channel to accept donations for Rainforest Partnership. The two organizations are otherwise separately owned and managed in every way. Every donation to Rainforest Partnership made through the AndesTransit digital platform is by default given anonymously to Rainforest Partnership, unless you as the the purchaser/donor request us to arrange your donation be made in your name for tax purposes. If such a request is made, we will furnish your contact information directly to Rainforest Partnership at the end of the fiscal quarter, and Rainforest Partnership will proceed contacting you and relating with you as a direct donor.

2. AndesTransit LLC with its digital platform ( will not use your email for Rainforest Partnership marketing communications, unless you as the the donor directly and separately subscribe, enlist or engages with Rainforest Partnership on your own, which is beyond the liability of AndesTransit LLC. In addition, per section 1 above, if you as a donor request your donation to be made in your name, upon transferring your name and relationship to Rainforest Partnership, AndesTransit ceases protection from marketing communications made to the donor by Rainforest Partnership.

3. Any donation made to Rainforest Partnership is refundable only if requested within the same fiscal quarter they were donated. The fiscal quarter schedule is as follows: Refunds for donations made January-March must be requested by March 31; April-June by June 30, July-September by September 30, and October-December by December 31. The donation to Rainforest Partnership is completely separate from the bus ticket/shuttle reservation purchase, and donations are not refunded if a bus ticket/shuttle reservation is refunded. AndesTransit policies with regards to ticket/reservation refunds or changes are separate from and do not govern donations, even if made within the same overall transaction.