Introducing the New Era of Super
clean vehicles

Transportation in private and shared vehicles with high standards of sanitization

Smart Travel

The world has changed and travel has also adapted to new needs and trends. Our transportation providers meet high standards of cleanliness and sanitization for our exclusive customers.

Smart Service

Contactless service: your reservation is made in advance through online payment, and your voucher arrives directly on your smartphone. You will not have to touch cash or physical boarding passes.

Smart Budget

Thanks to our large network of providers, you have access to different options in terms of prices based on the characteristics of the vehicle, the route you want to take, and other preferences you tell us about.

Check our high standards and protocols of sanitization!

Private or Shared?

Get a shuttle exclusively for yourself or your group, or share the ride with new people to meet. Whatever option you choose, your trip includes:

✓ Cleaning and sanitization of the vehicle before and after the trip.
✓ Every traveler must provide a statement of their health status.
✓ Drivers wear hazmat suits and are subject to continuous health monitoring.

reserva transporte compartido o privado con AndesTransit

Private Shuttle

Our most exclusive service just for you, your family or the group you have organized. The private vehicle picks you up directly from the door of your hotel or home and will arrive directly at the destination of your choice.

reserva un transporte privado con AndesTransit

Shared Shuttle

Travel to your destination with other independent people who have already been pre-screened as passengers. The vehicles operate at 50% of their capacity and have all the necessary permits to perform the service.


How the Shuttle Process Works

Summary: Secure the whole vehicle for you or your group, no membership required, and get door to door service from your origin to your destination.

This is the most popular option for riders who want to have more control and certainty over their trip, because they are bypassing the need to wait for other riders to share their ride.

1. Fill out the form below and ignore the Shared Shuttle field and only fill in the fields for Private Shuttle.

2. A member of our Shuttle Support Team will contact you to confirm the details, price, and online payment arrangements.

3. When your invoice is paid, receive your boarding pass with confirmation of pick-up and drop-off location.

4. Our support team will contact you again in the hours before your trip to remind you of the pick-up details and then monitor the trip as it goes toward your destination.

Summary: Pay only for your seat, but must wait for others to join the same shuttle.

Shared shuttles are less expensive, but require flexibility in order to be successful. If you are on a strict schedule and are willing to pay more to guarantee a ride on your specific time and date, you should choose a private shuttle (click on the Private Shuttles tab to learn more about its simpler process).

1. Your first step is to join the Shared Shuttles Club using the form below.

2. Once approved and activated into the Club, you will receive a link to pay for your seat. If you want to get a special rebate of 10% of your rate, you can become a Shuttle Recruiter, a special type of rider, who gets others to sign up for the same trip.

3. When we confirm your payment, you will gain access to a Shared Shuttle Calendar to view who else has signed up for your same trip, add or remove yourself from trips, or reschedule yourself to another time and date. You can cancel and get a refund any time up to 48 hours ahead of your trip. No refund requests are accepted less than 48 hours in advance, unless the shuttle fails to gain enough paid riders.

For most shared shuttle trips, the minimum and maximum number of riders is two (2). In many cases, we can increase the size of the vehicle if more riders want to join, but we do not require more than two in order to fully launch the shuttle trip.

4. 48 hours before the trip we start contacting Shuttle Riders to let them know of the status of their trip based on the number of riders signed up on the calendar.

If not enough riders signed up with a full payment, you will have several options:
Option A. Request we send you a quote for a private shuttle. Your active payment will be used to reduce the price of the private shuttle.
Option B. Split the cost of the empty seat with other confirmed riders.
Option C. Check the Shared Shuttle Calendar to find a trip for the same route on another date and hour.
Option D. Request a refund for your payment.

5. If sufficient riders have confirmed their participation with a payment, we send you your boarding pass confirming exact details of the vehicle, central departure address, and name of the driver.

Enjoy your ride!

Apply today to become part of our Shuttles Program and determine your initial preferences.

Your application includes free professional assistance to help you planning your upcoming trip.