Introducing the Super Clean Era
of Travel

Get a shared or private shuttle to travel with the highest standards of sanitization

Smart Travel

The world has changed, and travel has adapted to new needs and trends. Our shuttle providers meet the higher standards of sanitization protocol for a more exclusive clientele.

Smart Service

Contactless service: your reservation is made in advance, payment collected via online, and ticket sent to your smart phone. You don't have to touch money or paper boarding passes.

Smart Budget

Thanks to our wide network of providers, access different price options based on the vehicle's characteristics, your desired route, and other preferences you let us know about you.

Check out our super clean protocol!

Shared or Private?

Whether you want to travel solo or with a few strangers, either way your your trip includes:

– Vehicle sanitization before and after your trip.
– Requests of all travelers to declare their health status.
– Drivers wearing full antibacterial clothing and subject to regular health screening.

Shared Shuttle

Journey to your destination with a few other independent but pre-qualified passengers. Vehicles operate at 50% capacity and hold every needed permit to perform the service.

Private Shuttle

Our most exclusive service for only you, your family, or your privately arranged group. The private shuttle picks you up directly from your hotel or home door and arrives to a specific destination you designate.

  • How does a shared shuttle work? Travelers are pre-screened to qualify for the shuttle program, then gain access to an online board where they can register for a specific route, date and time, and see other passenger avatars intending to share the ride. Once we have enough qualified applicants for the same route and date, we let everyone know they can proceed with payment.
  • What happens if shared riders change their mind after signing up for a route? We first proceed to reach out to any riders on a waiting list, and honor a deadline to the provider and the passengers so we can communicate any cancellation that is due to inability to meet the minimum number of paid riders. Payments are refundable if not enough registrants confirm with payment, or the paid passengers can elect to split the cost of empty seats.
  • Can I get a car for myself? Yes! Simply request a private shuttle and you can proceed to purchase all the seats of a vehicle for yourself.
  • How can I pay? We accept payments via credit card or PayPal to secure your service.

Apply today to become part of the shuttle program and set your initial preferences.

Your application includes free professional assistance to help you plan your future trips.