Photo by Kali Kucera, Ecuadorian Highlands, 2016

journey to the impossible

There are so many THOUSANDS of dots on the map you can get to by bus, we can't keep them all published online. But we still know all of them and how to get there. All you have to do is ask!

Kali's Vault is a vast collection of routes and local operators going to rare and unusual places, many of which don't see a foreigner for decades in between.

Our seasoned travel experts go deep into the jungle, mountain, and dusty desert roads, documenting the scheduled public transportation no one knows about because most of it is off the grid or run by families or individuals who eschew the digital age.

These are routes that typically take subsistence farmers to the nearest market town, or maybe connect various villages of an ethnic group who have no vehicles of their own. They may well be surprised by your visit, but they will also be delighted and show you a side of their pristine world that few travelers experience.

Photo by Kali Kucera, 2007.

how to crack the vault!

Kali's Vault is guarded by a senior team of Latin America travel experts, equipped with backgrounds in data science, geography, geopolitics, anthropology, and a wide network of contacts in remote places to bring mysteries to light.

But just follow the three simple steps outlined below to get your customized report, itinerary, maps, and more.  We'll do the research to get you prepared to be one of the few lucky ones to go on an adventure like no other.


Gather your itinerary data

After you confirm your destination is not served by our normal online search engine, collect all the information you want us to research, including the locations, the experiences desired, your time frame of travel, and any concerns about level of comfort so that we can keep everything in mind as we research your request.

Place your Vault Research Request

Click the button below and fill out the form for us to begin. Your payment is placed on hold until we first determine if what you want is possible with some form of public transportation. The fee includes researching the Vault, scheduled departure times, name and contact info of the operator, maps to the access point and the route to the destination, and how to return or exit.

Receive your Guided Report

The average report preparation time is 48 hours and will be sent to you by email. We also may include travel advisories if we feel the public transportation option has health or security risks you would want to be aware of, and if a private transportation option is also available.

Contribute to the Vault and Earn $ Back

When you receive a Vault report and find the information differed from when you took the trip, let us know. If we can verify your updated information is better than what we gave you, we'll reward you with up to a 50% refund as a thank-you for keeping the Vault current and trustworthy for future travelers.

If you find any route that is not in the Vault nor published anywhere as public transportation, even better. Share it with us and upon verification, you'll get all your money back for increasing the knowledge of the Vault.

Terms and process details are included in your Vault report.

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