Let’s take a bus from Bogotá to Sogamoso


on: 2022-06-19

by: Lisa Gembrini

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    04 hours 10 minutes

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    cultural site, fishing, hiking

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All about the bus from Bogota to Sogamoso

The sun temple complex in Sogamoso, Colombia.

Across the ages, the sun has been a subject of worship and adoration by humanity. We’re not talking here about the term used for people who love to go to the beach, but actual religious worship of the sun in different cultures.  One of the most significant places of this kind of sun worship is located in Colombia, and it is truly worth a visit. Furthermore, it’s very accessible by bus from Bogotá and will provide you with an amazing travel experience that not a lot of other tourists can claim.  Stay with us to read about Sogamoso, the city of the Sun.

What are the buses in Colombia like?

Remember that Colombia is a very big country, roughly the same size as Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy combined. So that leaves a lot of room for not just the people of Colombia to be different from each other, but buses and the state of the routes can also be regionally specific. It depends a lot on where you are and how far you’re going.

As this route leaves from Bogotá and doesn’t go too far away, you can more easily set your expectations for consistency, quality, and frequency to be all on the good-to-excellent end of the scale. The buses available for you to take will be fairly cheap compared to other longer routes to Medellín, Cartagena, or Cali. 

You won’t need to be concerned with comforts, as the ride will be over before you start to get uncomfortable. The climate won’t also change that much, as overall you will only be dropping in elevation by a mere 85 meters.  However, Sogamoso is perched right above the grassy plains known as the llanos which are warmer, so if you do go any further east, bring some lighter clothing for that expedition.

How long is the bus ride from Bogota to Sogamoso?

The ride from Bogota to Sogamoso is 210 km (130 miles) and should take roughly 6 hours aboard one of our recommended carriers. For this route, we trust Autoboy, which is a very established carrier and for decades has been an expert on the routes to Santander and the llanos in general, so they know the terrain and can be responsive to questions on the way.

Weather should not be a problem when visiting the City of the Sun, which is why it has gotten that reputation dating back hundreds of years. It is high in elevation, but it is not cold and has a consistently pleasant climate year-round. 

What is the cost of traveling by bus from Bogota to Sogamoso?

The bus ticket from Bogota to Sogamoso can cost around $14 - $20.  Some factors that can affect the price are:

When you go

Weekdays are always a good instinct for traveling. You experience less crowding, and you will likely encounter more traditional and native residents instead of flocks of urbanites and tourists.  But it also depends on the time of the year, as there are some weekdays that are national holidays in Colombia.  If you are traveling on the weekend, it’s better to travel on Saturdays, as that is after weekend revelers have arrived and before they have gone back home.  Saturdays, however, are not a good choice if you haven’t already made reservations for your lodging. Research Colombia holidays before you go!

When you book

Booking in advance is always recommended. You can save money just by planning in advance and not be subject to surge prices that respond to sudden demand. Inflation is another factor, and so you’re wise to book at a price you can lock in before it goes up from inflationary pressure or improvements of technology or service on board.

Which Bus Carrier you Choose

There can be a big difference between the quality of buses in Colombia, but fortunately, on this route from Bogotá to Sogamoso, the carriers offer services and style that is competitive. You are going to be on the bus for six hours, which is on the short side of average long-distance trips. So even though you want to choose a well-rated carrier, you don’t need to be exceptionally concerned about the comfort on board any of the carriers because the trip is short enough that you will escape any temporary annoyances before long.  You'll get comfortable amenities like climate control, reclining seats, toilets, and entertainment - without spending much at all. 

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What are the bus schedules from Bogota to Sogamoso?

As you may know, buses are one of the principal means of transportation in Latin America. In Bogotá, you will observe hundreds of buses coming in from every part of the country and going back out again. In fact, Bogotá’s bus station couldn’t handle the demand and so now it has three, which eases traffic congestion by allowing some bus companies to come into the edge of the city rather than everyone coming to the center.

However, this is equally a source of confusion, as the schedules for leaving the city may be for departures at any one of the three terminals. You will need to look closely at your ticket in advance of your trip to ascertain which terminal your bus is using.

There are over 120 possible departures. Some are direct, while others require a connection in Tunja, Duitama, Paipa, or other cities.  Some leave from the central terminal, Salitre, but a growing majority now leave from the northern terminal.

Booking on AndesTransit takes a lot of the stress and risk out of the equation. Not only can you filter down your results by time, trip length, or price, but you can also clearly see which buses are indirect.  Then, once you have your ticket booked, an AndesTransit team member supervises and cares for the relationship between you and your carrier, updating you on any changes or events that could impact your travel. We have fluid communication with our carriers to reduce the chance of any surprises!

Where can I book bus tickets from Bogota to Sogamoso?

You two options here:


Fast. Cheap. Reliable. Online tickets are as easy as clicking on the Reserve Now button above, and let your trip get started!


This is certainly possible, but we advise against it. Colombia has so many idiosyncrasies and nuances that tourists don’t pick up on in the mayhem of a bus station, leaving many arriving at the station only to find the communications confusing and facing a lot of pushy ticket agents who are more interested in sales than the travelers best interest.  

Travelers mostly spend their time waiting in long lines, being told in Spanish slang that their request is invalid without time for explaining it or any clear next steps.  What’s worse, is many get on a bus they were led to believe is going to their intended destination, but either it doesn’t at all or it gets there through some byzantine path.  Bypass all this pain and frustration by just booking online.

What to see in Sogamoso

The sun temple complex in Sogamoso, Colombia.

Keep in mind when planning a trip to Sogamoso that you are actually interested in a collection of towns for which Sogamoso is at the center.  This collection is called the Sugamuxi tourist ring and they surround the Tota Lagoon, the largest lake in Colombia and as sacred as the Sun itself as evidenced in the many legends and myths that reference it. This tourist route includes the city of Sogamoso and the very important municipalities of Tota, Aquitania, Cuitiva, and Iza. 

Because of its astronomical position and the inclination of the earth's axis, which is not as marked in Sogamoso as in places farther from the equator, the number of sunlight hours per day changes very little across the year in the Tota Lagoon area. Sogamoso has about 12 hours of sunlight per day. Throughout the year, the sun appears on the horizon consistently between 5:45 and 6:15 in the morning.
The history of ancient Colombia, as recorded in the mythology of the Chibcha community, is a story about how here in Sogamoso they created the Sun. This gives the traveler a unique perspective on the nature of the cosmos and an ancient civilization that you can still see the remnants of that feels a great sense of responsibility for the cosmos.

Our musts in Sogamoso:

#1 - Museum of the Sun

The Eliecer Silva Celis is the most representative museum of the Muisca culture in the country. Formed over seventy years ago, it is located in an archaeological reserve area that is the nexus of the ancient settlement of Suamox, which means the abode of the Sun in the Chibcha language.

#2 - Siscunsi Paramo

If you are looking for adventure and nature, this paramo is for you, which is a type of landscape that is high in elevation and that features a striking blend of grasses and cactus. People from all over the world come to this place since it was and is very sacred to the Muisca culture. 

#3 - Hot springs of Iza

Stop one of the Sugamuxi circuit around Lago Tota is to visit the rural town of Iza, which is known for its several hot springs. Most termales, as they are known, are located in hotels that offer the facilities to non-guests as well.  There are also natural thermal pools not connected to hotels, like Piscina Rincon de Los Sauces, which sits on a gorgeous vintage farm right on the edge of town.

#4 - Pueblito Antiguo

On the west side of the lake is the most playful and eccentric diversion you would never expect to see in this area.  It is a bit of an outdoor vintage museum of curios, kitsch, and art installations that adorn the remnants of a ghost town. Directly abutting the lake, visitors can enjoy a combination of nature and quirky art, and take some souvenirs home with them that remind them of the sense of levity the people of the region are proud to show.

#5 - Saint Martin de Tours Cathedral

Consecrated to the patron saint of travel, this cathedral in Sogamoso preserves the colonial air of the church that once stood there.


Sogamoso is a natural and quiet place, where you will find tranquility, ancient history, and a bit of humor. Go for a walk in the morning, as the Chibchas did, then go to visit some of the attractions in town or around the lake in the afternoon, and finish your day enjoying their famous trout and desserts.

Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kinds of activities are best for Sogamoso?
Even though the central attraction is the temple of the Sun and archaeological complex, Sogamoso is sought after for its lake fishing, glamping experiences, and lots of hiking trails. The moderate and consistent temperature makes it ideal for outdoor activities.
Can you get to Sogamoso from cities other than Bogota?
Yes, Bucaramanga is the next natural choice after Bogota. Most other large cities used as a point of departure will go through either Bogota or Bucaramanga.
Where should I go after a visit to Sogamoso?
If you want to head generally back to Bogota, an easily reachable interim destination is the beloved Villa de Leyva. If continuing north set your sights on San Gil, Barichara, and Bucaramanga. If you want to continue east, we recommend a loop to Yopal, Villavicencio, and then back to Bogota.
What are the ticket policies?
It depends on the carrier you choose, but their specific policies can be previewed during checkout or in the summaries printed on your ticket email. For a general overview, see the Ticket Policy page.

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